I know stuff because I’m old

I am the fountain of useless knowledge. Jealous? You should be! I could beat a fair number of you in a Trivial Pursuit game. Give it a twist and add hockey and Disney and you would be toast. The older I get the more brilliantly trivial I get. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

I was sitting at lunch the other day and got into a discussion about Greek Mythology. I spouted off facts about blood spouting from the neck of Medusa when Perseus was beheading her and Pegasus and Chrysador emerged. I suppose it wasn’t a discussion so much as me explaining what happened. My partner looked at me and burst into fits of laughter… “who knows that stuff?” she said through tears of laughter. “Apparently I do”. I owe this to my bucket list called 50 in 50. I wanted to read Greek Mythology and did. It isn’t as interesting as the way it is described in the Percy Jackson series, I recommend that version instead.

Another day we pulled the DVD/VCR combo into the classroom so we could watch a movie based on a story we were learning about that week. My other partner popped the VHS tape into the VCR and rewound it while the movie was shown on the screen. I said press Stop, then Rewind it is much faster. She looked at me like I was a nut bar and then said, I do not understand this thing. WHAT?!?! You can’t work a VCR? Apparently this was another tidbit of knowledge I knew that no one else did.

Yesterday we were discussing the various types of Ski Lodges around the city and why they were different. Well, on was in a Provincial Park, so there was grant money for that one. That is why it is a nice facility. There is another one that is run by the City of Edmonton, so upkeep is based on parks and rec dollars. Then there is the privately owned ones. Having worked in the Ski industry while I was in high school, I knew that it cost a fortune to run a facility and not a lot of money was to be made especially if it was a particularly cold year or dry year. My partners looked at me again with a stunned gaze as if to say “you know a whole lot about nuttin!” I guess you could compare me to George Kostanza.

Then there are those conversations where people at the lunch table are discussing things of their childhood, like Strawberry Shortcake dolls, TMNT, and Cabbage Patch Kids. I look at them and they say, you remember those. Well sure I do, but normally the students I taught played with those, not me. Then they laugh and say you aren’t THAT old. Hmmm wanna bet? I was born in the ’60’s. The look on one of the gals faces was priceless. “SHUT UP!” “No” I said, “It is true”. Apparently I am  a couple of years younger than her mom. Only I don’t seem old. Wow, Thanks?

I am not old, I am middle aged. I am old enough to be the granny of all my students. I said that to one of them and she said, my grandma is old you aren’t. Cool, when a 5 year old says you are not old, then it’s all good!

I am currently reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63. The concept is pretty cool. It is about traveling back in time, changing an event and witnessing a different outcome. The problem being, each time you go back you start back at zero. You undo all the things that were previously done. Cool concept. I particularly liked how the main character talked about the taste and smells of things from the past. Rootbeer being full flavored.Yum!

I remember things tasting …more or smelling…more I think it has a lot to do with preservatives and chemicals altering our bodies and the food we ingest. I don’t think going back in time means to a simpler time, it was just different. Having a head full of useless knowledge would make it more interesting. Betting on sports events, stocks or even being at the right place at the right time for a change.

I think about what I would to change things in my life and perhaps history itself. The nifty part being, if I don’t like the outcome I could just pop back and grab a coke in a glass bottle and call it a day. Things would be right as rain again. So what would I do? Where would I be?

A girl friend of mine in high school went to Boston to go to college. That sounds good! Another friend spent a year in Italy, wow that sounds good too! I think I would not work at the ski hill in high school, then I would NOT meet a certain idiot stick. Then I would want to go to a proper University right off the bat. I would love to go away to school. My cousin went to Scotland for University for one year. I would choose New York. Then see what happens. How cool would it have been to be there for Mark Messier winning the cup? Too fabulous to even think about. Get my business degree in human resources and work for Tiffany & Co on 5th avenue? Yes Please! Okay, that is what I would do and live of the avails of gambling on sports teams to finance my whimsy. Useless knowledge could be a financial boon for me.  If it sucked? I would just come back. How could it suck? Diamonds, New York, Mark Messier… it’s all good.

Being old has it’s advantages. It also gives me the hindsight to know if I had done those things, then the offspring wouldn’t have a change to do these things

The Fountain of Useless Knowledge Pays Off @edmfilmfest

At the risk of sounding too… too… sappy/spiritual/crazy…. I must admit I took a page from several books I have been reading and several inspiration tweets from Aristotle, Plato, Oprah and her pals. The all spoke of gratitude. This is something I have made a conscious effort to do this summer. It’s not that I am an ungrateful sod, I try to express my thankfulness towards others and am genuinely touched when people do nice things for me because they like me. That always shocks me more than anything else. I feel quite undeserving. But the PURPOSE of gratitude was lost on me. I always thought it was politeness. Apparently the Universe doesn’t work that way. Who knew???? I’ll tell you who. All those people you are jealous of because they “have everything”. Those “Lucky Bastards” who seem to have it made.

I learned several years ago that a positive mind-set can change your life for the better. Looking on the bright-side, being optimistic yadda yadda yadda = good. Humor is lost in the the positive. That was hard for me. I find dark and torchered HILARIOUS! My kindred’s also find dark and torchered souls hilarious. It’s not that I am laughing at their misfortune, I am laughing at the situation. Often it is too unbelievable, so laugh I must.

Lately, I have taken time out of my crazy hectic day to give a prayer of thanks and LIST all the things that happen that day that bring me gratitude and joy. When I started this segment in my life, my life was suckish. Nothing was the way I wished it to be. Unhappy would describe my state of being. I did find that the more I was GENUINELY grateful, the more great stuff came my way. The last month, I have been overwhelmed with awesome things and events. Last night came yet another in an incredibly long list of good stuff.

I have been on a Tourist Quest to try out new things. I was looking at the Edmonton International Film Fest’s website, and trying to decide what/if I should go. Money is tight for me while I am pursuing my goal of my degree. Also, when I read things that interest me, I hold onto that information for-EVER. I am a fountain of useless knowledge. If you are playing Trivial Pursuit, pick me to be on your team. I know inane stupid stuff that serves no practical purpose other than to win cool junk in contests. I was reading the EIFF website and – I remembered all those tiny details that no one cares about.

Last night on Twitter, EIFF asked what academy award winning stars – as in Plural – were coming to the kick off event in Edmonton. EASY PEASY! Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker.  I waited a few minutes and Shazam! I won 2 tickets for any movie at the Film Fest! Oooooooh Yaaaaaaa baby! I hopped in the car to head down to #whatthetruck to pick up my tickets. Then I see another tweet asking another question, who is the sitcom dad of the star in the final film of the festival. EASY PEASY! John Ritter! His kid, Jason is starring in the last film. Guess what…I won that too!!! Wooooot hehehehe I love winning stuff! 4 tickets arrived in my hands when I really was not sure HOW I would get to the EIFF in the first place. Thankful? You bet! Now I know how this works. I must show how grateful I am and be unselfish about my winnings. Besides, going to 4 movies by-myself isn’t that fun. So, I am having a contest myself.

The first person to correctly answer the following question gets to accompany me to a film of THEIR choice and they may bring a date. I am offering 2 tickets to the Edmonton International Film Festival for the winner to join me. Think carefully if you wish to hangout with me at the movies – I hate popcorn, and like to heckle…kidding – or am I?

Rules: The winner must provide their own transportation TO Edmonton. The winner must find their OWN accommodation, you may ask to stay at my house, but no guarantees that you will. However, my shed IS available. Contest Closes September 20th, 2011 at 9:00 PM MST. Visit EIFF to view movie choices. The movie must be viewed between September 23 and October 1, 2011.

Question:  What did I name the baby doll I got for Christmas the year I was 4? *Hint If you have read all 181 blog posts and can remember inane stuff, this should be EASY PEASY for you.

Post your answers in the comment section of my blog. I will be contacting the winner and you WILL be featured in an upcoming blog post with suitable nickname. Good Luck!