Bucket List Intervention: Preventing the Shoulda Coulda Woulda Syndrome


A while back I created a list called 50 in 50. It was designed to help me achieve things I wanted to do before I reach the age of 50 (five years and one month away). Since I created that list, I added a *subject to* clause so I wouldn’t be stuck if something just didn’t appeal to me any longer. It was also created with the intent that perhaps I may die by the age of 52. That had always been a number that seemed possible. Either I would die when I was 52 or in 2052. i figured life was ticking by and I needed to get to work on the risk taking, achieving stuff – you know how it goes with this whole middle-aged thing. You become concerned about stuff like that. The last thing anyone wants is to be on their death-bed thinking “Woulda Coulda Shoulda” Well, that is NOT going to be me. However, my list need tweaking.


I was talking to ChatterBox today and she shared with me one of her bucket list items – get into a bar fight. What??? Her brother advised that those things never go well…and how does he know??? It is my hope she either tweaks her own list, or comes out the winner.


So going through the items on my own list called 50 in 50, Number 12 is annoying me.


12. I will read 50 of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Novels 


Yeah…. that’s not going to happen. I have tried it but it’s not fun. I want to know why those were the books chosen. I have started many of those books and found them painfully boring. As in, I am no longer in high school, why I am forced to read this? Good question. I am not in high school, so I choose to say no. I do not want to plod my way through books when there is an entire world library out there for me to explore. So Good bye 12. We must change you.


Here is the next questionable one,


21. I will drive to Whitehorse, Yukon in the summer.


I was warned by a friend who lived up there about the shale gravel roads and how they shred your tires. Whitehorse is far from my house and the expense to go may not be worth it in the end. If an oppourtunity comes up, I won’t say no – but to plan and execute this trip when I could drive East to Quebec and the Maritimes instead, is much more appealing. So NO to Whitehorse.


37. I will make one last quilt – Queen size


Yeah….that is not going to happen either. I pulled out my machine to make baby quilts and decided I just don’t like doing it anymore. I love the look of quilts, I have several tops I plan to have sandwiched and quilted, but I am not going to be doing it myself. So I went to Winners and bought one for my bed, it is Tiffany Blue to match the Tiffany Box theme of my room. I have neither the drive or desire to go back and try old stuff that annoys me.


So now the task of replacing those list items.


I have done so many new things since the start of my tourist journey, so I looked up a 1000 bucket list ideas and discovered I have done a pile of those already, like used a pogo stick, paddled a canoe on the river with class 3 rapids and never capsized, seen wild life in their natural habitat – everything from a Kodiak Bear to a Wallaby with Grizzlies and Red Deer in between. I have pealed logs and built a log home, I have kayaked on the ocean and had an orca popped up beside me to just watch me with their big eye. I have sold crafts made from my own hands, been a clown and received a paycheck for it, I wave walked across a ridge pole of a two-story house and zip lined through the boreal forest at heights that scared the bejezus out of me.


Looking back at all the things I have tried, which are too numerous to list, I have to give myself a little credit. I am not the hindered girl I thought I was. I was quite adventurous at most points in my life and as of late, I am regaining that momentum. So what 3 possible things could I add to my list?


Well, in the number 12 spot, Write a novel. I have started it, I am enjoying reading it as well as writing it. It is not my intent to try to publish it but who knows? I would like to write a book and so I am doing it.


12. Write a novel


Now what for #21? I want a meditation room. A room created for me to read, relax, practice yoga or meditate in. I want it to feel like it is from the pages of Dwell magazine, lovely, peaceful and serene.


21. Create a meditation room


#37. One last thing… I want to love to cook again. I currently hate it. i have a vegetarian and a carnivore to cook for plus the carnivore hates most everything. I always claim I am not a restaurant, but I end up being one. So just for me I want to Master the Art of French Cooking with Julia Child.  There are 545 recipes in it, but there is food in there like, organs – I am not willing to cook. I will look and make sure I have the processes down.


37. Master the Art of French Cooking with Julia Child

I am 5 years away from the deadline, so I still reserve the right to change an alter the list as I grow up.








Late to the Party…again

As usual, I am late to the party again.  This happens to me plenty.

I am always late when it comes to seeing newly released movies. I can’t get my act in gear to get to the theatre early to buy tickets to sit in a sold out theatre. Edmonton needs more movie theatres…like one near my house. Not that I think this will help me get there on time to BUY a ticket, I will likely leave later because it is so close to my house thus giving the same results. You would think I would use my iPad app or iPhone app to buy tickets…it never occurs to me. See? Late to the party.

I am always late when it comes to reading new hot buzz books. Why you ask? It might be because I only read the paper on my iPad. I am too cheap to buy the subscription so I miss out on the cliff hanger of the New York Times Best Seller list. The Edmonton Journal is a liberal pacifist paper and promotes lame Canadiana books….not the great ones… So my eyes glaze over when I look at the books with buzz. I had not even read the 20th Century’s top 100 books. I am trying but seriously…who picks these books? Eyes glaze over…. I did start reading Water for Elephants yesterday and !!!!! I cannot seem to put it down! Again…late to the party.

I do not have the iPhone 4Gs. Nope not me… it’s not like I have a flip phone, but I do have an iPhone but its a 3G. It isn’t even a 3Gs. It has reached the point where Apple considers it obsolete and doesn’t support software upgrades any more…don’t EVEN get me started on my alarm clock not working anymore because I can’t do a software upgrade. My F***en phone package wont even talk to me until I am 2 1/2 years into my 3 year contract. That is this summer…hopefully the 5 (rumor has it) will be out. LATE TO THE PARTY AGAIN!

Music is yet another party I am late to – often. I use to be up on all the Bill Board 100. Itunes is now my source. It is not hip and right now music for the most part, especially since the Black Eyed Peas “I got a feeling” is still on their list. My other source are my teens. ChatterBox is better at it than Genetic Offspring. Still…I ask her what that song is and she replies with “I don’t know, I heard it on the radio 2 summers ago” Again…late

I was the LAST PERSON in the WORLD to buy UGGS

I was late watching Oprah’s final episode. I PVRed it and watched it way late. I just recently watched her interview with Michael Jackson, you know the one where Liz Taylor was STILL alive and MJ wasn’t considered an alleged pedophile yet. Once again LATE TO THE PARTY.

I have NEVER had a party where the police are invited, nor have I ever attended one. I did get invited to a couple…but you guessed it, I was late to the party and the police had broke it up already.

I was about 4 years late in joining Facebook, late joining twitter, I do have G+ but not a soul uses it and this week I finally got an invite to Pinterest of course LATE and all I can say is… I need addiction support.

This place is like a magical magazine with just pictures and fabulous stuff I want to look at. I don’t pay for it, I don’t have to smell a multitude of fragrance ads, I can look at hockey, muppets, Tiffany and New York all I want….OR I can look at what my friends like OR I can browse anything I feel like from Sparkly stuff to Vintage Posters. This place is a magical marvel in creating dreams – new ones – or wishes!

For those of you who have never been, this is a screen shot of my Pinterest board:

It is like a bunch of cork boards that you “pin” pictures and stuff too because you like looking at them I have created my own boards “5 4 fighting” – no not the music group – although BEST NAME EVER! (hey mom, 5 for fighting is a term in hockey) Ode to Tiffany – no it isn’t full of diamonds it is full of Tiffany blue and white things. My board is pretty. I have a Practically Perfect board… my Mary Poppin’s Tribute. Vintage stuff, art, travel, you know, all the things that make me full of awesomeness. I have friends who follow my boards and I follow my friends. You can look at anyone’s stuff and pin it onto your board. I just love it. You can open your boards up any time to grab a link to a recipe or song or saying or DIY project or book list of want to reads. Here is my Ode to Tiffany board:

Look at those SHOES! How fabulous are those? I have those pink capris already! sigh This page is too pretty to look at…

I’m off to look at books to add to my list of must reads on Pinterest. If you sign up, follow me and I will follow back. There is a wait list, so you will be late to the party too…

Google is Your Friend and Mine

When I get asked questions I do not know the answer to ( Strange, I know! Don’t tell the Offspring, I like to keep the illusion of brilliancy), I always answer with “Google is your friend!” Google has been my friend for a long time and Google refers a lot of readers to me. But did you know that people ask Google the craziest questions to find me? I will do my best to answer them for you people who are seeking the answer and stumbled onto my blog.

Favourite colour yoga mat: Blue, Tiffany Blue actually. If you are going to colour it in a colouring book, then use #7 peacock blue by Laurentian.

My favorite colour: Really? You needed to ask Google that? Google is not a mind reader it is a SEARCH ENGINE. I think your favorite colour is Red.

Iceberg on 11th highway in Edmonton: Hmmm, listen pal, I think you need more science education. Iceburgs are not found on highways in Edmonton. If fact, let’s throw in a geography lesson too. Edmonton does not have any highways. It has freeways and is SURROUNDED by highways. Meanwhile, go to Newfoundland to check out the icebergs.

Do drag queens wear synthetic hair? Yes and No. Some Drag Queens buy hair and some grow it. Now you know.

Am I a control freak or just bossy? Again, Google isn’t a mind reader it’s a SEARCH ENGINE. I think you are a control freak…but that is just my opinion.

Happy birthday in heaven grandma. Aw that is sweet. But Google isn’t a direct link to heaven. You can sit anywhere and just talk to her, even wish her a happy birthday…just saying.

Sick from child licking the bathroom floor. No kidding?? That makes me sick too! What a coincidence!

Express avenue escape rest room. I think you came to the wrong source looking for answers, you need GAME CHEATS…again, just saying…

Sissy wanted Edmonton. Ouch?! Am not! You are! I am rubber you are glue…

Paul Coffey sister. I am not her. Nor do I know her. However, I have met Mark Messier’s Sister and SHE is BUFF! Just saying…

There is bears in Edmonton.  Once I heard about a black bear in the river valley…just once. Don’t worry, they won’t eat you.

Face painter was mean. I was not! But if you have any complaints about my attitude…I don’t care.

“sex-training of boys”. Seriously you googled THAT to find me??? WOW. How does one respond to that?

Bossy teacher. Yes I am.

I am a genius. Me too my friend, me too.

Common sense … don’t leave home without it. That is just good practice people!

гонзо маппет. What does this mean? So I took my own advice a googled it. Gonzo Muppet is the answer. What does that say about my nose?

Master Jedi dishwasher. Yes I am. Thank you for noticing.

Thanks Google for sending all those readers to my blog. I am glad I could help.

#7 is My Favorite Colour

Colouring pencils
Image via Wikipedia

Do you have a favorite colour? I didn’t think I did, but looking around me today I know I do.

Colour has always been a source of inspiration and joy for me. Bright, clear and vibrant colours always fill me with energy. Last summer I complained about how I dressed. I think the exact words were “I don’t want to be a cartoon character anymore”. There is the first of my Edmonton Tourist goals to be achieved! I am much more colour controlled. It helps enhance the self esteem aspect to my being. Great shoes do the same thing. I do indulge my spirit in creative colour when it comes to workout wear.

I figure I need all the help I can get to feel motivated and inspired to work out. So I enlist the hues that lift my spirits. I am drawn to a particular colour. I never realized that until today. I see this colour in every corner of my life. It calms me when I wrap myself in it. It inspires me when I lay on it. It lifts me up when I wear it. It quenches my thirst when I drink from it. Because YES, my water bottle is that very colour. Some of you may already have guessed what colour it is, but I am honestly surprised! I figured I loved Red the most. Not true! I thought Yellow might be a close second, NOT true!

I noticed today that my room has splashes of this colour. My yoga mat is this colour. My favorite yoga tee is this colour. My water bottle is wrapped in this colour and even my hat I wear for the 1/2 marathon workouts is this colour! It was always my favorite Laurentian Pencil Crayon. My eyes are often the same colour – how cool is it that my eyes change colour to what I am wearing? They will change from grey to green but when I wear THIS colour, everyone always tells me how great I look. That colour clearly influences my feelings. Because to LOOK great, you must FEEL great.

Secretly I always wanted a vintage T-Bird to be that same colour. I always say I want red…but not really. I love the look of turquoise jewelry and love it when the sky is that colour. When my toe nails match the pool water or the ocean blue, that gives me a little thrill. I have a book mark with turquoise beads and look at it longer than I read for.

My bedroom is the Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Colour blocks of Robins Egg Blue. it looks like a Tiffany box. The classic Tiffany blue and white. The window where I love to sit in the sun is painted in the same blue, so is my bathroom. My “Fancy” Christmas tree is Tiffany Blue and white. I wish I had enough Tiffany boxes to decorate my tree with then add white feather boas! One day….

Meanwhile, I am finally going to embrace the fact my favorite colour is #7 Peacock Blue from my Laurentian Crayon Box. It reminds me of being 7, and colouring dresses that colour. It reminds me of trips to Jasper with the old totem pole that stood in the centre. It reminds me of being 17 and swimming at the outdoor Millcreek Pool with my friends. It reminds me of the ticket huts at Disneyland years past. It reminds me of a winter prairie day when the sky the exact shade. It reminds me of watching Marjorie Glacier tumble into the ocean. It reminds me of my children’s eyes when they sparkled with laughter as preschoolers.

Yes I do have a favorite colour. Do you?