Schnitzel Anyone?

Just when you think you will never find Schnitzel, never mind eat some, suddenly you discover Schnitzel multiplies like rabbits and you will be eating every stinking single day until you speak fluent German. Or so it seemed.

The happy band of Muppets continued our way past the Rhineland and gorgeous Bacharat to find our way into the famed Black Forest. Home of Black Forest Cherry Cake and Cuckcoo Clocks. What struck us was how very similar the landscape was to parts of Canada. Trees, hills, rivers etc seemed very familiar. The only difference being that Canada is on steroids in comparison. The German Black Forest was lush, fragrant and so very relaxing. It was a breathtaking portion of our holiday.

Our trusty guide Phoebe the GPS, led us over hills around bends to discover little pockets of gems waiting to be discovered. At one point, we reached the pinnacle and lo and behold, SOUVENIR SHOPS! All the Muppets Cheered and yelled to the driver STOP! They burst from the door, ran down the street to find a shop filled with cuckcoo clocks, walking sticks, beer steins spoons. There was a deli filled with various sausages but not one piece of schnitzel was to be found. The disappointed mounted among the elder crew of the Muppets, while the younger ones were hoping for burgers and pizza.

After a spending frenzy and many pictures sporting various hats, we trot back to the caravan to our destination of Freudenstadt. We found parking among the tiny little streets suitable for donkey carts. Off we went to explore some more. We past bakeries and purchased pretzels, we found an Italian Gelato shop and bought ice cream but after searching in vain, no Schnitzel was to be found.

It was interesting strolling along the tiny streets. We saw the Evangelical Lutheran Church, with its green tower roofs, is on the south side of the market place. It dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, built between 1601 and 1608, and is considered Freudenstadt’s most significant building. It was built in the gothic renaissance style. It’s facade was littered with bullet markings from WWII. I could easily envision men fighting in the streets that would cause such markings. We saw Drag Queens and Elderly ladies visiting together in the street. The shops were very modern much to our disappointment. I suppose urban progress visits everywhere eventually. After our stroll through the town square, we found ourselves back at the caravan, needing to find a spot early for camping. We needed time for laundry, and it was early enough we could get started.

Down the road a ways, we discovered a gem of a place. It was the loveliest spot of the entire trip. Natur Camping Langenwald had everything we needed, including the nicest hosts you could ever dream or meeting. The best news of all, there was a quaint little cafe that served – wait for it – SCHNITZEL! We were dining out that night!

We each ordered a plate of Schnitzel, slightly disappointing that no Spatzel was to be found. Especially hearing my sister rave about it from her prior visit only weeks before. It did not matter, out came the plates laden with Schitzel the size of the plate itself. We all looked at it and thought, we should have shared. We ate what we could, and wrap the rest up to take back for sandwiches the next day. Little did we realize that we would be blessed with Schnitzel sandwiches for the rest of our trip. What was so delicious the first night, and quite tasty the second night, became tedious the rest of the days.

Be careful what you wish for. At this point, I couldn’t wait for Paris and street food consisting of crepes and lemon. But that is a story for another time.

Mrs. Weasley, We Should Meet for Coffee!

Apparently I am a Magical Being. Surprised? I sure am! It is just like when Harry Potter discovered he could talk to snakes and make glass disappear. He was busy being mad at Dudley when magical things started to happen to the world around him. The exact same thing happened to me this morning!

No, no, no, I cannot talk to snakes, I use to when I worked in the family business…but I digress. Nor did I make a window disappear. It was more magical than that! I was making lunches this morning. When it was time to leave for work, Chatterbox said,”Did you make me a sandwich?” I sure did! I hate making lunches, I distinctly remember making them by the coffee pot. (Sure I drooled a bit looking at the cold empty coffee maker, thinking about how delightful a hot creamy dark roast might taste.But no drool dripped onto the sandwiches, I SWEAR!) I left all the lunches and sandwiches on the counter. Everything was there except HER sandwich! What the? I was baffled. Where did it go? I checked the pantry beside the peanut butter, no- not there. I checked the fridge in the fruit bin, no- not there. I looked in the microwave, silverware drawer, coffee cup cupboard, and I even checked the trash. We simply could not find it! I started to doubt my mom skills! I looked at the clock and realized I needed to make a new sandwich for Chatterbox.

I was pretty excited as I drove to work. Think of the possibilities! I would just need to learn to harness this power! I was sure someone would show up today explaining to my about my new-found magical abilities. I couldn’t wait to be able to pop in and out of places or use charms for household tasks. I knew how it worked, I read all the Harry Potter Books! I couldn’t WAIT to get started! This theory is much more appealing than the real possibility that I am losing my mind due to old age.

I arrived home all happy and excited. I couldn’t wait to tell Honey how magical I had become. Chatterbox interrupted me in mid-sentence. “Oh, By the way, I found my sandwich in my lunch bag. So I ate two sandwiches.” Then she walked away. I was crestfallen. So much for all my fantasies coming true. I was so close to hanging out with Mrs. Weasley.

Lesson learned. Focus on the task at hand, THEN dream about magic.