Edmonton Tourist :Super Genius

This year has certainly not gone as expected. You’d think by now I would be use to the idea that ultra planning never really goes as planned. Way back in January I had my crystal ball gazed at. She warned me it was going to be a difficult year, but she also said I would get a puppy. No puppy – but I want one. Especially now, the idea of a little ball of fluff sitting on my toes sounds like a good idea. Then I remember all the things that go with that pleasure…hmmm still not sure I want to go back to being a dog owner. I do miss Sparky and if the Universe would guarantee a dog like him, I would be in! But what if my new dog needs prozac? Or what if I have to choose between a trip and staying home because I cannot afford boarding. Too many “what ifs”. That is where I envy I brother.

He is a straight up guy who stays out of everyone’s business. Doesn’t worry about much and just rolls with the punches. He has ALWAYS been like that. If ever there was a guy who I expected to have a house full pf pets it was him. He use to send his allowance to the humane society when he was 8. He had grand plans of opening a pet shop. He had no less than 3 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs, 20 fish and a dog at any given time growing up. When he became an adult he had a saltwater aquarium. It was gorgeous! It interfered with family time and he could go very far because of the tank…or so he said. The saltwater fish were time consuming. He eventually stopped. He is now pet free.

My in-laws all have copious amounts of pets – lots of cats. I am severely allergic to cats – that is why I have a feral cat living under my step. The Ginge doesn’t come near us and I haven’t seen him in a while other than suspect the neighbors over the fence adopted him. I like the idea of cats, especially outdoor barn cats, but I could never live with one (literally) it would be the death of me.

While I am thinking about having a pup, I also think about being a restaurant. I know you are dazed and confused, but seriously – one more meal to fix? I can’t keep up with having a vegetarian AND and carnivore – my kids easily could share a plate and be satisfied. They boy only wants steak. The girl only wants salad. You’d think this would be easy but I worry too much about nutrition. The boy needs veg and the girl needs protein. Then the pup needs food too… This is where I wish I was my brother. “Who cares?” He’d say, “It’s not a big deal, they won’t die” True they won’t die. There are people who eat worse things than my kids.

So here is a solution I am tossing around in my head. If you steal it my mom senses will tingle and I will come after you. I am thinking about opening a restaurant drive through that serves food for vegetarians AND carnivores of both the animal persuasion and the people persuasion! I KNOW! Awesome right? I feel like a genius. Think about it…

Driving from work to practice/game/extra curricular child event, it is pushing towards 7pm and you have to feed son/daughter/pet. Everyone is hungry/cranky/tired and there is STILL homework/chores/downtime to consider. Having a drive-thru everything restaurant is perfect! Order your pet food, kid food and wine for you! Go home throw it on the table/floor/sofa and the rest of the evening is yours! This drive-thru could even get your breakfast ready for the next day, add soap or socks and you are set!

Seriously, tell me this isn’t a brilliant idea? I shall call this The Pantry Drive-Thru and as soon as you guys review it, I will call it The Famous Pantry Drive-Thru.

The Edmonton Tourist – Super Genius.

Sunday is for Pancakes

You know that feeling when you are doing a regular, not out of the ordinary chore and you are suddenly transported by memory to another place in time? Is it just me this happens to? I highly doubt that, liars…

Today is Pancake Day! Yes I know its lent but I didn’t give up eggs and dairy, just wine and turtles. Turtles have been a challenge but the wine part is going… well lets just it’s going. Easter Sunday I am going to buy a lovely bottle of red to enjoy with my meal…enough said. Anyway, it’s Pancake Day! We have a large electic griddle like my GrandmaE had. It was either the golden brown of the flapjacks or the smell that brought me back to when I was little.

My GrandmaE is about to turn 90. Her surprise birthday party is coming up, shhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell her. Her mom lived with her when I was little. To distinguish them I called her Big Grandma and Little Gram. Well, Big Grandma has shrunk to the size of a kittle and I could easily carry her around in my pocket. Now she is know as tiny Great Grandma to my kids. They are fortunate enough to have known their great grandparents. Alas, they only have 2 great grandmas now.

When I was small, my brother and I would sleep over at Big Grandma’s house. We would sleep on the sofa or bunk with our aunt and uncle. We would get up Sunday morning and dress for church. After church, grandpa would drive us downtown for Sunday Treat. Now these were the Grandparents who would take us to Dairy Queen in our Jammies with my parents in tow on Friday nights. THE only day my dad took off from University Studying. Sunday mornings were all about The Chateau Lacombe. It was a fancy hotel restaurant that overlooked the river valley. It was not a family restaurant. Kids needed to be “Good as Gold” and have their best manners. For my brother, this was a huge challenge because he had extreme wiggles. My Grandma always said “busy”. Brother is a busy boy. A very kind way of saying mischief needed to be managed. 

As an adult, I look back and think it was an odd place to take us, but I understand Grandpa took us there for Grandma. She loved that place. they were regulars and would show us off to the staff. We always sat by the window and had THIS ViewThis is what kept the brother occupied. He would look for coyotes and eagles, of course he would see all kinds of wild life with his own eagle eyes. Grandpa would order pancakes and juice for us. I secretly wanted French Toast or waffles but never said anything. Best behaviour meant not contradicting my grandfather.

Today I love pancakes. Somedays more than others. Rarely I wish for french toast and waffles, mostly because I don’t want the mess it creates. Maple syrup is my favorite topping. The REAL stuff…not that synthetic cheap stuff that is too sweet. I like the stuff from Quebec that is boiled down maple sap during sugaring season. That and a cup of coffee. The perfect way to start my Sunday…in my Jammies.

Happy Birthday Grandma!