The Day I Almost had a 4-way

So I missed out on my first 4-way today. I am 44 and never even had a 3-way never mind 4. It’s not what you think…my mom reads this.

Driving home today from the YMCA, I was listening to Now Radio. They played carnival music and invited post secondary students down to the radio station to spin the wheel of KD. KD, as in Kraft Dinner. I use to love that stuff. They wanted 19 year olds to come on down! I texted them because I even though I am a post secondary student WITH ID, I am NOT 19 I am 44. They texted back and said COME ON DOWN! YAY! I would have a chance to spin the wheel of KD!

The radio conversation continued, they talked about adding things to the wheel that would make it more appealing than just a weeks supply of KD. They added a 4-way, Eskimo kiss, a Ray Ride, Ray Cut, KD for a day, and $100. I think the 4-way was a kiss between the wheel winner, the 2 radio hosts and their intern Ray. I wanted a 4-way!

I stopped to pick up Chatterbox because this is HER favorite radio station and NowRachel is her favorite host. I figured this could be a great opportunity for little Chatterbox. A) She would get to meet NowRachel B) She could see the inside of a Radio sound booth C) She could watch her first 4-way! Yes I could be Mom of the Year!

We raced back down the freeway to the radio station, pulled up and texted that we had arrived. Ray the intern met us at the door and whisked us into the booth. There was NowCarey, Now Rachel and Chatterbox in the VERY SAME ROOM! I walked in and chanted 4-way, 4-way,4-way! This impressed Carey and he talked about how 4-ways scared most other post secondary students. Not me! I was ALL for it! In fact, I couldn’t wait, Carey was cute, so was Ray – in fact, Rachel was hot too. This was going to be great!

I stepped up to the Wheel of KD, spun, and…..

It stopped on $100. How disappointing! So now I was richer but would miss out on the 4-way experience. Chatterbox said she was relived she didn’t have to watch her mom in a 4-way. What kind of attitude was that? Here I was doing her a service and I was sharing with her a safe family 4-way environment. But now, she won’t have that opportunity.

She was thrilled at meeting NowRachel. I reminded her that the only reason we were there was the fact that I was a University student. So no more whining and whingeing over the amount of homework I have to do because SHE got to meet NowRachel…and almost got to watch her mom in a 4-way.

Are You Ready To Rock? …..sure?

When I was younger, around my high school era, I was a music snob. I was convinced that if you didn’t agree with me on great music then you had no idea what you are talking about. I likely wouldn’t have given you the time of day. The important things for me were 1> you had to be a hockey fan 2> you had to drink Coke 3> you had to listen to the same music I did.  As I reflect back on the music of my youth, I realize I did myself a great disservice. I still think I had fabulous taste in music, but expanding my horizons wouldn’t have hurt.

My Mom was very understanding. I would jump into the mustard yellow 1971 ,Datsun B210 and quickly change the music station to current Billboard Status. Mom was cool about it, and even enjoyed some of the songs that were in current rotation on the radio. My Dad, who was pretty cool and current about a lot of things, was NOT as accepting of current music as Mom was. I would jump into his family sedan, and quickly change the radio station and he would be firm and say “what do you think you are doing? I was listening to that!” So back to the Oldies station it would go. Hind sight makes me grateful because I can now win any sort of music trivia contest with my knowledge of oldies and beyond thanks to Dad. However, at the time it was so embarrassing!

The boyfriend I had at the time had the coolest brother-in-law. He was “old”, had kids of his own, and listened to current radio. He knew the top 40, he knew the concerts coming up and he watched music videos which were just starting to gain in popularity. He taught me about “cool” music from the 70’s, stuff I had never heard before! It was a great musical experience for me. I knew then and there I wanted to never get hung up on “oldies”.

Flash forward to Sunday, October 24, 2010.

I was picking up Chatterbox from a party. She hops into my car and flips through my iPod to find music SHE wants to hear. HEY! WAIT A MINUET! I was listening to that! That sounded familiar to my ears, only it was usually me hearing it from my Dad. It had become a full circle moment. The Child becomes the Parent. What happened to me being all cool about current music? What happened to the WHO singing in my ear “hope I die before I get old!”?

When I sit in the office and Chatterbox is on the other computer listening to her music, I usually say, I like that, who sings that? Or I have to download that song, do you have it? I try to be open to a lot of her music, and I do enjoy her tastes. But I have stopped being current! I never listen to the radio any more, I rarely pop up iTunes to see whats new. I have become a fuddy duddy. Isn’t that just craptastic. I have an amazing music collection, but it stopped growing last spring. I need to change that. Music is such an important aspect of my life. I need it to continue to BE important in my life.

The question is: How do I change that?  I just asked Chatterbox what is the radio station she listens to. Starting tomorrow, I will listen to the radio to and from work. I am NOT giving up my iPod, but to expand it’s collection I need to hear new stuff.

I just hope it doesn’t make my ears bleed.