The Adventures of the Great Hike(r)

Dana Meise on the Westend Recreation Way in Wi...
Dana Meise on the Westend Recreation Way in Windsor, Ontario across the Fleming Channel from Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Trans Canada Trail / Le sentier Transcanadien)

I am following the adventures of Dana Meise, a Canadian hiker who is walking across Canada using the Trans Canada Trail 23000 km of trail that will take him to 3 oceans and across the country. He is doing it over an 8 year period…solo.


Today he posted on his facebook page about someone being very upset with a post of his and demanding he remove it.

Wha wha what???

What is the matter with people?

This is the kind of journey I find so inspirational. He will come away for this knowing himself better, appreciating the country he is fortunate enough to call home and meeting some of the most amazing individuals on the planet. He posted a long letter about this person demanding he remove the post and clearly he is upset. This is one of the problems of traveling independently – you have no one to debrief with.


Here is the thing,  he is ALWAYS polite and and has an attitude of gratitude. So why do people have this need to hate?

I have no idea what runs through the minds of people and quite frankly, I am GLAD.

I have contacted The Great Hike dude Dana Meise, I hope to meet up with him as he wanders into Edmonton. I asked if I could interview him and he was happy to oblige! Meanwhile, head over the The Great Hike on facebook, and check out this amazing journey – perhaps follow him and donate to his cause The Prince George Brain Injured Group Society. Show him not everyone is a self serving narcissistic and that the world is full of people wishing him well.

It’s worth it just for the cross country photography. I have never been to have the places he has walk trough – Hello Newfoundland!


Keep Moving Forward Dana!

My Secret Kiss

How patriotic are you? Look at this guy

now either he has a statue fetish, entirely possible, or this guy is truly grateful for everything Lady Liberty stands for. I can’t think of anything symbolically Canadian I would kiss…that’s a lie, I would kiss Lord’s Stanley’s Cup. I have seen it up close and it is very shiny. We ALL know how I feel about shiny! However, the Stanley Cup is not uniquely Canadian. Blablabla…what ever you are WRONG. Ask New York how they felt about winning the Stanley Cup, or Boston. The original 6 teams get the significance. So as it stands, the cup does not count.

When Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics there was a united enhancement of patriotism across the country. I felt it, Quebec felt it and the Maritime felt it. Ontario always feels it, but us prairies and maritimes not so much. certainly not Quebec, they are always trying to leave. So for the first time in my life IN Canada I felt patriotic. When I travel I always feel Patriotic. I love it when people find out I am a Canuck and welcome me with open arms. That is one of the biggest reasons I love to travel. As a Canadian, it often feels like I have a special privilege visiting other countries. I am thankful and always grateful for the opportunity.

What symbol or artifact would make me want to kiss it? Certainly not a statue of John A. MacDonald. He was Canada’s first Prime Minister. I tend to look at Ministers and Politicians with an air of contempt or mistrust. I get there isn’t anything they can do until the rules change and the house is cleared after every election. It is the people who work for the politicians who have the real power. So no, that is not it.

How about the Last Spike? That is the the piece of the railroad that united the entire country, well theoretically at least. I was there. I didn’t feel like kissing it.Then there is the Giant Perogy on a Fork in Glendon, Alberta…although it looks tasty it isn’t something that I want to kiss.

There is something that I would miss if it wasn’t here anymore or if i moved to New York to hang out with Lady Liberty and pick up guys. I would miss Queen Elizabeth Park and a meaning of summer.

Queen E park symbolizes to me Summer Time. The most coveted time of the year in Edmonton, and may I be so bold and say, all of Canada with the exception of those parts out west that have spring all year long. Im sure they love summer too. They get a TON of rain.

Winter is so dark and cold and, well…SNOWY! When the time springs forward in March – can I just say I hate it? I do. It feels like jet lag without the awesomeness of a great tan or nifty souvenir – As I was saying, when the time springs forward in March, the geese magically appear. The Sun sets at 7:30pm and the snoweater arrives. Sure it’s still cold but the wind and sun are doing damage to the snow that the winter sun couldn’t do. When this happens, I know it is time to start thinking about Friday Night Picnics. The earliest we ever had one was in April. I am hoping that will happen again. In Fact, I am going to plan Easter Dinner at Queen Elizabeth Park. Weiner Roast, Bottle of Red, CHOCOLATE and possibly family that might be brave enough to join me. If I promise a fire, my offspring will come.

The question remains, Why is Queen Elizabeth Park my special stolen kiss? That requires an Edmonton Tourist top 11 list.

  1. It was the place where I had the first picnic with my children. Then we headed off to the Castle for a swim. They don’t usually want to swim afterwards now. A walk along the river with their Grandpa is what they prefer now.
  2. It was the place where I sat and talked on the bench with my best friend. We talked about things and stupid stuff and it made me realize how incredible special they truly are.
  3. It was the place where my friends and family came to celebrate my completion of my first Half Marathon. It meant a lot to me that they all came.
  4. It was the place where my mom and I stole picked Lilacs to fill our homes with smells that reminded me of my house as a little kid. My Grandma doesn’t have lilacs anymore but they remind me of her and her back yard.
  5. It was the place where I started to record family stories. I learned the importance of hearing stories and sharing them.
  6. It was the place where I saw a my first deer in the city. Sure there are TONS of them running around in the country, but you rarely see them in the city. The river valley is a great place to view wildlife and never have to leave the comfort of an urban space.
  7. All the saskatoons, strawberries and raspberries are yours for the taking!
  8. Skunks Hollow is located in that park. It is Edmonton’s BEST kept secret! I want a house there someday.
  9. Our picnic spot is always available, ALWAYS…it’s a sign
  10. Friday Night’s there is the best way to kick off the weekend always. When I can’t go, I resent it.
  11. Queen Elizabeth Park was the last place we had a picnic with my Grandpa.





Rain, Rain, Go Away!

There has been some serious rainfall here. While other parts of the world are experiencing extreme heat, I pulled on a hoody and warm socks to stay inside. There was a time I would have bare feet from April to October. Not this year. The snow was over my head in winter, and I get wetter walking outside than I do swimming in the summer. I can list a million reasons why this summer bites. However, that isn’t helping my quest to show more gratitude and be more thankful. So the up side is?

      1. Dragonflies are HUGE!
      2. Grass is very green!
      3. The berries are extra juicy!
      4. The air smells fresh!
      5. The clover is gorgeous!
      6. There is lots of water in the river, creeks, bogs, sloes and ponds!
      7. (This is getting REALLY HARD!) Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof is soothing!
      8. Saving money on not watering the lawn!
      9. You can play “Pooh Sticks” in the street!
      10. I didn’t have to set up my pool this year (or last year)
      11. You can always find a picnic table for Friday night family picnics
      12. There are NO crowds at Capital X (the fair grounds)
      13. Alex Tagliani got to rest today – The Indy was a rain out
      14. The rain barrel is full.

The rainbows and evening skies have been beautiful and there have been cold weather funnel warnings. As hard as I try to be grateful, would a little more sun hurt? Please?