Are You Singing in the Car Again?

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The day was great and then… (insert foreboding music here) The last 45 minutes was H. E. Double Hockey-stick! So I tucked myself into my car and popped in my iPhone and cranked the tunes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! There is something about music that really soothes my soul. I know I am not alone. Depending on the song I am transported to another place in time that brings back wonderful memories. That is why I insert my iPhone. When listening to the radio, the risk is great that the music will be a sweet as nails on a blackboard.

Does music do that for you? Depending on the day, I have a different favorite song. I will choose play-list for inspiration, for cheering, for melancholy reasons or to celebrate happiness.  It was a constant in my life, I was never without it. To my honey, music isn’t as important, so for years I didn’t have very much of it in my life. My car never seemed to have a radio, or cassette  player. Who are we kidding, I would have KILLED for an 8-track! I had ABBA and Carpenters on 8 track and would have loved to listen to that in the car! After a bad day I would sit in front of YouTube pulling up music of my youth. Remember Kaptain Kool and the Kongs from the Krofft Supershow? I was madly in love with Michael Lembeck. I couldn’t wait for Saturdays! Or I would pull up The Monkees or crazy 80’s videos. I would sing at the top of my lungs and all would be right in my world again. Then on my 40th birthday, my world changed forever. I got an iPod nano. Music was back in my life in full force! Hello Rolling Stones! I missed you so much! Welcome back to my world Eric Clapton! You are a genius on the guitar! QUEEN! Oh Freddie I’m sorry I neglected you and Styx! Then I discovered music from the 90’s that I had missed because I listened to talk radio.  Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains AMAZING! Our Lady Peace and Tragically Hip! How did I ever live without you? Then one day it happened. My nano was too small. I made do. I wasn’t parting with music ever again. But the best Easter ever came along and I got an iPod touch! Never ever thought I needed one. Then I had one. How was it possible that I lived without it? Sure it was only an 8G but 6G of it was just music! I could listen for days and not hear the same song twice. This had to be heaven.

Even now as I write this I have my buds in my ears  and I am listening to Glee. That’s right I am a Gleek.  My favorite Glee music is Journey to Regionals. I love Journey.

When I was 16 the country fair was in town, I lived in a small ‘burb and the country fair was Medieval Days. I remember sitting on the tilt-a-whirl with my two best friends. We laughed until our sides hurt. Journey transports me right back to that time.  Or when I hear Rockin’ Robin I am dancing in the front yard of my Grandma’s house with my aunt – who is really more of a sister and best friend then aunt. Remember Da Do Run Run by Shaun Cassidy? That makes me remember lip syncing  in front of my mirror. Listening to The Beatles and John Lennon makes me remember my best friend from Jr. High. We were massive Beatles fans.

So today in my car, the music that made me relax and forget about the last 45 minutes of my day was Five For Fighting, Disneyland. Then I listened to John Howard’s Flying and all was right in my world again.

Music is staying in my life, it has to because it is the soundtrack of my life.