My new plans are Astronaut inspired

Astronaut Chris A. Hadfield Mission Specialist...
Astronaut Chris A. Hadfield Mission Specialist Canadian Space Agency (CSA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am a huge fan of Col Chris Hadfield. I talk about him before. There something so amazing to me about being able to chat with an astronaut in space! That is something I never thought I would be able to do, yet Saturday on Reddit, it happened. Well, none of my questions were answered but I had a chance to read what was going on and became a bigger geeky fan than I already was.


At one point during the chat time Col. Hadfield wrote this:


ColChrisHadfield[S] 40 minutes ago
Decide in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow, and the day after that. Look at who you want to be, and start sculpting yourself into that person. You may not get exactly where you thought you’d be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in. Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become.


That was a very profound statement. Two years ago, I did just that. I got off my butt, turned off the TV and went back to University so I could grow up without regrets. I changed my lifestyle habits and now am a runner. I am pretty sure I won’t go to space but I do know there aren’t any goals out there that are not achievable  It just may take longer to attain than reaching other goals. I realized age has nothing to do with goal setting and achieving, the only thing you need is a time line.


Sitting there saying “one I day I would like….” is not the same as, “I am going to do this, and these are the steps I need to get there.” One is about wishes and one is about action. Wishes are lovely but don’t come true without hard work and sweat. I don’t want to hear people telling me I am lucky – luck had nothing to do with my life. Hard work got me here.


The problem with goal setting is plans and time-lines can get big huge speed bumps in the middle.


One of my major goals this year was to run the 10k in Edmonton the day after my birthday with my dad. Well, apparently he is going to be a little busy that day. His daughter is planning on a big wedding or something fancy that day and he will be busy – I likely will be busy too seeing she is my sister and all. THAT was a big wrench in my plans. The old me (pre-Edmonton Tourist Project Days) Would just cancel the plan. The new me started searching for a new 10k to run. I realized running in Edmonton wasn’t the big deal, running the 10k was. And it couldn’t be ANY 10k because truth be told, I am a medal whore. I need bling. I want one of these for my birthday:






I love shoes and I love medals, so my quest to have both has now begun.


Calgary, which is 3 hours south of me, is having their big marathon weekend May 26th. That is my Dad’s 65th birthday. I asked him if he wanted to run it with me. He asked me if there is a t-shirt – YES. That is all he cares about, a T-shirt, better yet – a TECH shirt! This race has a medal, so it’s a win for him and a win for me! YAY! My dream of running a 10k with my dad will happen this year and on HIS birthday!


Then I was thinking, if I am running a 10k 3 months ahead of schedule, then why couldn’t I run the Edmonton Intact Half Marathon in August? No reason I couldn’t, the worst case scenario is if I can’t run the whole thing, I can walk the rest. I’ve walked it with a stress fracture, so I think this year would be faster with lots of running thrown in. I plan to run 10 and 1s. Doable. I have gone to feeling sad and a little disappointed to super excited because I now have a plan.


Just like Col Hadfield said,


You may not get exactly where you thought you’d be…


That is true, this was not part of the plan, but the goal hasn’t changed. Just the steps needed to achieve the goal.


I am feeling great about this new plan!


Tourism straight from my geeky dreams: Commander Chris Hadfield tweets from space

NASA Astronaut Chris Hadfield
NASA Astronaut Chris Hadfield (Photo credit: gnews pics)

Lately I have been astounded by technology.  Not that I am agog with the instant nature of social media. It is annoying to me that the ‘news’ is already old by the time I hear it. I rarely listen to it any more. Social media takes care of that for me. What I do miss is the in depth reporting that use to happen. Everything now is done in 30 second sound bites. Reading and learning about issues has become something of a dinosaur.

What does amaze me are tweets from Chris Hadfield LIVE FROM SPACE! This is stuff of my geeky dreams. A tourist destination to write home about! I know there are several of you who don’t use twitter or ‘get the point’ of twitter. It is about who you follow and what you search. I don’t banter much on there because A) my favorite funny friends aren’t there – they are on facebook and B) I am caught up reading news or events I don’t hear about on TV news, unless it is the BBC (for the record, BBC is proper news). Some days I prefer to read about what other readers are reading, or I like to laugh at Wil Wheaton who is hilarious, or find out about comic con. I admit to following geeks, humor and running stuff, but the other day I saw this tweet from William Shatner:


As my son would say, “I had a TOTAL NERDGASIM!” First of all a Canadian Astronaut was tweeting random stuff FROM THE SPACE STATION! Are you kidding me? How cool is that? He isn’t on Earth. Think about that, the DUDE is ORBITING the EARTH – not from a different country, he was in the space between the EARTH and the MOON. If that doesn’t impress you, then you need to think about why. Come ON! SPACE! Okay… then he clearly watched enough Star Trek to know the details to tell Captain Kirk. Classic Canadian Humor. Wiseass to the nth degree!

Then the next day two very cool things happen. 1) Commander Chris Hadfield tweets the following:

I’m proud of being Canadian, but after yesterday’s twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt.

For those of you not in the geek circle, Wear a read shirt on Star Trek means certain death. They are ALWAYS the dudes on the ‘away mission’ that no one knows and had never seen on the show before AND they are wearing RED -always… well in the original series. This has become the secret inside joke, many other movies and shows make reference to it. No, really they do. Watch for it.

Then later that day, Commander Hadfield was in the SPACE STATION orbiting over Canada and he takes THIS picture:

Edmonton from the Space Station

This is Edmonton people! This isn’t black and white photography, this is colour. White stuff is snow, grey stuff is snow, dark stuff is river and ice. The grey stuff is delicious! HaHa … actually it is a sand/salt mix so I can drive around the city. If you squint you can see me running outside to wave at the Commander.

Commander Hadfield tweets daily. His adventures are incredibly interesting and you can talk to him yourself if you set up a twitter account. You can also visit his Pinterest page where he posts all his photos taken from the Space Station.

45 years ago the space program was new and fledgling. This was in my life-time. Can you just imagine where the future is going to take us? The geekness of my dreams may actually come true.

Thank you Commander Chris Hadfield, and may the force be with you or Live long and prosper or beware of the Bad Wolf. Take your pick, which ever is your favorite. Real space heroes get to choose their own favorite quotes.

Follow Commander Hadfield on twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield or click here on Pinterest