I am what I need, but I need to apply what I am and other theories that are true


I have a theory about professions people choose.

I think people go into the career field of their choice because it is what they actually need in their life.

For example: I think Social Workers need a Social Worker, Psychologists need a Psychologist, Teachers need Teachers and Accountants need Accountants.

I am a Planner with mad organization skills. I need a personal planner with mad organizational skills in my own life.

I am busily writing a monologue for a motivational speaking engagement I have coming up. I wrote out my outline on a yellow notepad  you know the kind, they are all glued at the top, the have a left hand margin and Apple used them so frequently they added a yellow notepad to their Notes App.

I can’t find my outline.

Had I been smart like I am for my clients, I would have created a OneNote file for my outline. However, when it comes to me and my needs I tend to be lazy. Now I need to go through the piles of yellow notes that I never throw away and find the outline that I am looking for. I could rewrite a new outline but I know the original had some important points I wanted to bring up, and today they just are not coming to the front of my memory.

I know I am not the only one who does this. My friend works in a position where she needs to be on top of all the important details and provides them at a moments notice. However, when it comes to her life, she throws away the instruction book for her odometer for her bike so she won’t be able to figure out how to work it and needs someone to show her.

I think deep down, we all want to be rescued and taken care of so in our personal life we sabotage ourselves in hopes that someone will come to the rescue. My Dad does it, he can manage a classroom with ease and keep track of 30+ kids on a field trip to Europe and never lose anyone, yet he will lose his keys on a daily basis.

What is it about us that we will subconsciously do this to ourselves? I love to be rescued and taken care of. I tend to be the person who holds it all together, plans out the course of action for events and activities that are important to the people or coworkers in my life, and yet when it comes to stuff I should be doing for myself – I will wing it because I have lost some major important piece that is crucial for completion of the project.

Is it that I just don’t care enough about me and my ‘stuff’ enough to take care of the details like I would for someone else? Or is it that I secretly want someone to care about me enough to look after the details for me. Show me that they care about me in the same way I care for them?

At any rate, perhaps I need to make a stronger effort to put myself first in situations where  I need to have my act together.

And whatdoyouknow?…I found my outline! I placed a sticky tab to the side so I could find it easily. Good for me, apparently I do care after all.