A Whole Lotta of Nuttin’

What is it about New Years Day that leaves women all over the world laying on the couch/Chesterfield/sofa watching chic flicks? Is the the practice of creating an illusion of a perfect holiday for her family that sheer exhaustion requires her to enter a romantic vegetative state and watch movie after movie? Or is it that January first is a football day and worse, it is Yank football so none of us care. My American gal pals care….or so they say, and watch Tebow – or whateverhisnameis. I would watch hockey, but Canada beat the Yanks yesterday. The Oil are drowning and the Rangers don’t play until the 2nd. So chic flick it is!

I decided to instead make a dent into my 100 AFI best movie list. Oh man I feel a rant coming on! Clearly this “best list” is subjective.

In the last 2 weeks I have watched 4 movies from the list that I haven’t seen and 4 from the list that I had watched previously and decided I needed to review.

1. The Last Picture Show….. WOW, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It was slow, boring and dull. Did I mention boring? The Texas town that was dying in Texas was dying on screen too. I guess I just “didn’t get it”.

2. City Lights. It amazes me that Charlie Chaplin made a silent picture “in Pantomime” at a time when people were flocking to talkies. Although I could see his brilliance. I think Buster Keaton did better physical comedy. Charlie, however, WROTE THE MUSIC AND THE MOVIE AND DIRECTED IT! Wow… I get his need for perfectionism. This movie was just too long for me. I would have been happy with it being a short. He was able to capture brilliance in 10 minutes, but then I was bored. This may have to do with the pace of life and movies in this moment of time, or…I am unable to focus for more than a 10 minutes. No, it must be the pace.

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey…………..

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? This is 2 hours I WILL NEVER HAVE BACK! Yes it was visually beautiful. This is the very reason I watch George Clooney movies. He is visually beautiful. Hello Davejust type ctrl alt del. Then kill Stanely Kubric.

4. Shawshank Redemption. This movie restored my faith in the subjective nature of the list. Although THIS movie needs to be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY higher say #1 or #2 on the list. It was ranked #72!!!! Are You Freaking kidding me? 2001 was ranked #15! #15!!!! Oh for Crying out loud! Did the guy who picked 2001:S.O.  base it on the girl he was making out with on car load night at the drive in? Was it LSD night in the rec room? Where as Shawshank was brilliant and fantastic. I love every movie Morgan is in. He chooses well. I think I love every movie Tim is in, I need to investigate that. I was distracted by his long strong legs and dazzling smile…

I think the next flick I watch will be Cabaret. Sadly it isn’t with Alan Cumming. I know he is gay, and I am not his type…but I LOVED him in the revival…not that I ever saw it other than on the Tony awards, YouTube and the Rosie O’Donnell show. But comparing him to Joel Gray….wow so different. Tell me what you think.

I prefer the raunchier version. Or maybe because I will forever associate Joel Gray aka the Master of Ceremonies as Joshua Trundle – Clock Maker in T’was the Night Before Christmas. Thinking of him in this role for Cabaret….I just can’t picture it clearly.

At any rate, the lazy days of nothingness continue here in Edmonton. 7 more glorious fun filled days of no responsiblity. Loving every minute of it!