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Price of flights leaving Russia rocket - with many sold out following Putin announcement

Turkish Airlines flights scheduled to leave Moscow for cities including Istanbul and Belgrade are now booked up for the next few days, and seats still available cost thousands of pounds.

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Many flights scheduled to leave Rusia in the coming days have sold out, with the price of those still available sky-high.

It follows Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that he will call up reserve troops to fight in Ukraine.

Turkish Airlines flights to Istanbul and Belgrade are among those affected, and flights sold out to both cities for the next three days and those listed for next week costing thousands of pounds.

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At midnight last night, defence analyst Konrad Muzyka shared a screenshot showing the price of flights from Moscow to Istanbul today at 80,000 roubles, which is just under £1,200.

The screenshot shows that flights were available every day until at least next Tuesday, but by 8:45am today, after Mr Putin’s address, Wednesday's flights had sold out and the price of others had shot up.

Image:By this morning, all Turkish Airlines flights headed for Istanbul today had been booked up. Pic: Turkish Airlines

Those leaving for the Turkish city on Friday were more than £2,500.

Just 45 minutes later, the Turkish Airlines website listed flights for Thursday and Friday as no longer available, and the price of those on other days had increased even more.

Image:This morning, flights scheduled to leave Moscow for Istanbul on Wednesday, Thursday Friday had sold out while others were priced at thousands of pounds. Pic: Turkish Airlines

Sky News also observed a similar pattern with listings from Moscow to Belgrade.

Image:Flights to the Serbian capital are sold out for the next two days, as well as Saturday. Pic: Turkish Airlines

At 9:24am this morning, today's flights to the Serbian capital as well as those leaving on Thursday, Friday and Sunday were sold out on the Turkish Airlines website.

Those scheduled for Saturday were listed for £3,500. Just over an hour later, all Turkish Airlines flights scheduled to leave Moscow for Belgrade until next Tuesday were sold out.

Image:Later this morning, the Turkish Airlines site showed no available flights to Belgrade until next Tuesday. Pic: Turkish Airlines

"Mobilisation introduces a completely new dynamic into Russian society. Many males will want to leave the country as soon as possible to avoid being sent to Ukraine. The sell-out of tickets to Turkey only confirms that," Mr Muzyka told Sky News.

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