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PS1 REVIEWS: Tomb Raider II

If you notice in the game's cover art, it's titled Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft. At this stage, it was clear that the character and game became iconic in the gaming landscape, and that was enforced by an extensive and extremely ...


Moose Droppings: Reinventing the Battle Royale

Remember When Fortnite Was Just Zombie-er Minecraft? Good Times… O’ Fearless Reader, have I got a treat for you! Do you like Fortnite? What a silly question – everybody LOVES Fortnite. Ha haaaaa… flossing&hell...


Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #234 - Lex Lufia

Featuring Lufia 2 - Rise of the Sinistrals ans several genres.  Greetings fellow game music lovers, as promised, another track for Lufia 2 - Rise of the Sinistrals for SNES from 1995. This little mischievous tune plays in the Lexi...


Cblogs of 6/25 to 7/1/2022: 25th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 25 -Agent 9 goes on the record praising Final Fantasy Record Keeper and mourning the fact that is going to be shut down in the West. -Black Red Gaming continues their ranking of the Far Cry series, with this blog ra...


TGIF Open Thread!

Another late post for TGIF! Not because my internet was out all day but this time, I just forgot it was Friday...So yay! Back at it, it's that wonderful time of the week! The gf and I celebrated our 4th year together just yesterday! W...


My Top Four Anticipated Releases of July 2022

The months of 2022 continue to roll on, and these lists aren’t getting any easier to make. Maybe it’s just my general waning interest in games or it’s just been a slow few months, but there hasn’t been much to ...


Pokemon Legends Arceus Review: A New Beginning

The Pokemon formula is one of the most proven successes in the video games industry.  After all, it is the highest grossing media franchise in the world.  With such established success, it isn’t surprising that the ser...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 7

Producer: Tokuro Fujiwara Director: Yoshihisa Tsuda Release: 1995 Console: SNES   Mega Man 7 occupies the awkward spot of being the first game officially confirming that the Classic Mega Man series that started on the NES is di...


Ranking of Far Cry Part 3: Far Cry 6

Like every other major Ubisoft IP, Far Cry continues to trudge along. As a (former) big fan of Far Cry, I used to believe that the more, the merrier. Maybe not anymore. As always, you can find the rank itself here or at the bottom of ...


Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #233 - Sinister Shock

Featuring Lufia II:Rise of the Sinistrals and japanese pop. Greetings fellow music lovers, we are in the midst of summer, so I decided to go into full summer mode by having a look at some of games that used to have moderate success bac...


Cblogs of 6/18 to 6/24/2022: 24th Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 24 -SlimeyBearXXL979990 sheds light on lesser-known indie games you should take a look at. -Lord Spencer reviews Tomb Raider on the PS1 as part of his PS1 REVIEWS blogging series. -RiffRaff writes a 2D Fighting Game...


For The Record

Sometimes it takes you a while to come around on something.   When FFRK was first announced I was very skeptical of it as an actual game. At the time I was very much against micro transactions in any game. This also came after the...


TGIF Open Thread!

Hello, Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! It's St. John's day here, which... I don't really know what it means, just that he's the excuse for us to have our "quermese" and all the delicious food that comes...


Kerrik52's LoK Retrospective #6 - Homecoming

With the Mentalist dead, his head claimed and a Hamlet reference dropped ("Alas, poor Nupraptor - I knew him well. Well, not really."), Kain has only to make a swift exit. And as fate would have it, there is a convenient teleporter at ...


A Noob's 2D Fighters' Guide Written by a 2D Fighter Noob

If you've been following my Qposts and weekly updates on "Whatcha Been Playing?" you'll know that I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and have taken an interest in 2D fighters. If you haven't been following my Qposts and weekly ...


PS1 REVIEWS: Tomb Raider

There is no doubt that the first Tomb Raider is an absolutely iconic game. Not only was it a pioneering title at the start of the 3D era, but it also introduced the iconic character of Lara Croft, one of gaming's most famous leading la...


Some cool lesser known indie games I played and my thoughts on them!

As a disclaimer this is my first blog and a quick one so formatting/spelling may be weird etc.I just wanted to copy Destructoid users Seymours latest Blog and say a blog about maybe lesser known indie games I have played and my thought...


Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #232 - Rainbow Island Islands

Featuring Rainbow Islands and Salsa. Greetings fellow game music lovers, the heat wave is waltzing over central europe and this leads me to make this entry a little bit shorter than usual. But what shall the topic be? I'm thinking abou...


Cblogs of 6/11 to 6/17/2022: 23rd Week of 2022

Cblogs Recap: Week 23 -Seymour discusses every game they played during the first quarter of 2022. -Lord Spencer writes about Mega Man 6 as part of his Mega Man Retrospective blogging series. -PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities...


Mega Man Lordspective: Mega Man 6

Producer: Tokuro Fujiwara Programmers: Mitsuteru Fukushima, Nobuhito Shimizu Release: 1993, 1994   Released very late in the NES lifecycle, well after the SNES established itself and, in the US, after the release of the amazing...


TGIF Open Thread!

Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday! This week was good. It went pretty fast and I'm starting to get the hang of the new job. Working from home has been great. I'm a lot less exhuasted at the en...


EVERY game I played during the first quarter of 2022!

Awfully Freaking Late Edition You thought you were safe, but alas! Does it get tiring to be so wrong, so often? Like Elm Street's Freddy, I'm here to haunt these cblogs with even more mediocre video game takes than the year previous! ...


Eastern City-Building Game Ballads of Hongye Released the Free Demo on Steam

The ancient oriental city-building game “Ballads of Hongye” just announced Steam Next-Fest Demo is now available! You can now download and play it from the store page! During the Steam Next-Fest, which will be held between ...


GIG gearing up to release The Cecil video game later this year.

The video game “The Cecil” is a horror game about the mystery of the Cecil Hotel and the evil spirit that surrounds it, but there’s a surprise, contrary to popular belief. Explore the hotel and uncover the myster...


Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #231 - Final Means Franchise Again

Featuring R-Type Final and japanese pop music. Greetings fellow game music lovers, thanks to a nice response from the Shmups community, I decided to make another entry for this genre. It concerns R-Type Final (2003), the swan-song of t...



Game 27 of 2022 is Final Fantasy What an amazing Delita as a character is an absolute standout, and the open ended, RPG style gameplay is everything I love in the A few (three headed dragon) hiccups, but man, glad I replayed


Current Status:


Below are some artworks Ive done lately that I dont think Ive shared here for one reason or Nothing big and properly-done, but theyre in color, at BUMP!


Valkyrie Elysium trailer along with Sep 29th for consoles (November for steam)


Its a shame Youtube reaction people only react to whats the current hotness, I want to see a couple of someones react to Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first I should really double check things before I say


I swear on Bibble that if Nightdive puts Blood on a cart I will buy it more than Love those


3DS Games you should buy before the eShop closes! (


Sifu is super super good and hard as The visuals and direction is so cool as Makes me want to start practicing karate


I just discovered I have an extra steam code for Nex Machina, anyone want it? First request gets it


Meet Dungeon Man: A dungeon made by 100% man who is known as Brick Lets explore inside him on tonights session of Earthbound (I know what I


Gaaaah cant wait 😍


Cleaned out, applied new thermal paste, and installed an SSD in my Accidentally reformatted the original hard I dont think Im going to miss any of the save data I lost, but re-downloading everything is


My new favorite


A few months ago I tried a new game genre with both Oddworld and Another Today Ive finished playing, much to my delight and sadness, I really enjoyed its cuteness, simplistic yet emotive storytelling, and challenging




James, youre really not selling me on your Rant in the


Tl;dr changing one line of code eliminates FromSoft bad frame pacing but addes 3-4 frames of Would you take that trade off? Bluepoint Demons Souls has a comparable latency gap b/w quality and performance modes, for reference


In Italian, Biscotto means cookie and is a cute cat Cotta di Maglia means chainmail and is a cute cat blacksmith Bis is sometimes used to mean 2 of something or Great work on these names Capcom! Troppi carini!


LORD OF THE RINGS CONQUEST IS SO GOOD?? Similar to Warriors by way of Battlefront, this is so far What a shame all of these great LOTR games are lost in bog of licensing, but so happy I found this Thank you for the recommendation, team


My dog gets


Looks like theyre bringing back Lollipop Chainsaw next I get the feeling Suda isnt working on this, judging by their plans to change the music due to copyright and the more realistic approach to graphics bullet Sounds like a


This weekend I hit five full years as Destructoid Thats 5 years, 8000 articles, 200 grey hairs, and 0 Its not been perfect, but Ive always done my You know who I do it So thanks for


Current status


I have been incredibly tilted since last night about the Espinas fight in Rise Beat it, but oh my Fucking skill and armor check


New (non)E3, new pregame discharge!


Ah, poor


Trying to watch The Hobbit trilogy since LOTR sparked a fire and I bought all the books, but its just not The whimsical Hobbit tone and Peter Jackson LOTR tone clashes too much and too The book is wonderful, but this is already a slog


T-shirts dont get enough respect as an excellent form of shit


Current Status:




Shout out to the Stranger Things subtitler and their music Unnerving Synth Music Undulating Moistly Have a great day!


PSA: Saints Row 2s DLC FINALLY seems to be on sale for Xbox 360/One/Series consoles! In the off chance that we never get the fixed PC with the story DLC added, this is a fine consolation at


AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative semi Was excited for the sequel, the puzzles were good, but the overall mystery wasnt as impactful and ugh that Kizzy and convict romance was 7/10 better if this was #1 and 1 was 2


Even if this was the only thing that FF Tactics gave us, it would still be 10/10


Happy 4th of July, Canada Day, Georges Day, Maidyoshahem Gahambar, fucking Groundhog Day, and National Pussy Safari Observance Day, you fucking shitbags! Chag sameach, Frohe Festtage, Nowruz Piruz, Scrotal Trauma!


Just beat Sonic CD for the first time Did the 2011 version on my 1 Gameover but it was at Metallic Madness Got the good ending with all Robot Generators, but not all Time Dont care though cause I finally beat


The one year Square doesnt have a unified showcase is the year where they cant stop announcing and putting out gamesm anyways this seems to be the new Valkyries release date leaked on


Im dreading another shooting Would not surprise me at Then again, what would?


Im kinda surprised there wasnt a games media controversy over Nier Automata unashamed eroticization of its main character and female androids, or at least not a big enough controversy for me to Not that I mind staring at 2Bs lovely


Hadnt replayed Portal in Switch version was Still a good short


As a HUGE Markiplier fan, I was curious what he supposedly had said in regards to Roe What I expected was a simple This sure does in order to play it safe with his extremely large more like Mark Good


Honestly, I mostly think America BUT it has some good And for whatever reason this it what comes to my mind every 4th


Im leaving my old Surface Pro 3 and Alienware Steam Machine behind and grabbing an Asus ROG Zephrus G14 (2022) to take with me to Its a mighty upgrade, but Im going to miss those two Id been using them since End of an


Happy murica day to my Dtoid friends across the


#selfietoid I continue losing weight! I started at 272 and am now at Chugging water and partially cutting my sugar intake is all Ive done thus far, but tomorrow begins another attempt at walking at least miles per Feeling confident!


I beat Yakuza Its better than Thats about Playing Sifu, current status: