Winter Soldier’s New Arm & Name for Infinity War

Well, say bye bye Winter Soldier as Bucky just got a new name.

With Avengers now equipped with the technologies of Wakanda and the intelligence of Shuri, things are bound to get super hi-tech.

Bucky is finally freed from all the mental shackles of the programming done on him by his former captors. He just got the new name of White Wolf. Wow, that sounds super!!

This look was first revealed in the post credit scene of Black Panther. If you would have looked closer, you would have found Becky in a tiny village in Wakanda.

He was greeted by Shuri there, which might have been the reason for the new code name and everything.


And Entertainment Times kind of made it clear that it is a brand new arm.

By the looks of it, we can guess that it is made up of vibranium which justifies the fact that it is indeed from Wakanda.

Well, so Winter Soldier, oops sorry, White Wolf has got vibranium on him? Just imagine how stupendous he is now.

However, Sebastian Stan, the one playing Winter Soldier quoted.

“I don’t worry about the character,” Stan said. “No matter what they decide, they’re going to do the right thing … I have ownership over the character, but it’s not up to me to decide what happens. But you know, those guys are going to take it to another level. That’s just what they are going to do. And it’s a culmination of so many things up until this point, which is why they can.”

Well, Marvel must have got some other kickass plans for Stan.

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