Will Captain America Wield Mjolnir and Put An End To Thanos

2019 is going to feature one of the biggest movies of all time. Avengers 4. The name is still yet to be confirmed.
With Infinity War now crossing the 2 billion mark worldwide, expectations are at its peak from the second part of the same. And since Infinity War release on 27th April worldwide, a hell lot of interesting theories are out debating on what the future holds for the Avengers.

But the one thing which we all can agree on is that Avengers 4 is going to involve the Quantum Realm and a hell lot of time travel. After all half the universe is dead and something has to be done to restore it. But then we should not be so confident about anything.

In Infinity War too, the fans were expecting that Thanos might not be able to collect all the Stones. There was just the slightest of intution of what actually happened.

And now a lot of set photos of Avengers 4 have been leaked and we are all so confused about it. Some photos show Loki and Thor in the same frame from the very first Thor movie. While some of the pictures are unique. Some pictures are also from Captain America: Civil War.

So, does that mean that there is going to be some really mega time travel in Avengers 4?
We can see Captain America in his old school Steve Rogers uniform, Ant Man as an Avenger, Tony Stark as a SHIELD agent and Bruce Banner as the Professor Hulk. So, is it all possible or just some time travel mess? Maybe Tony has become the new leader of SHIELD. Ant Man, because of his knowledge of the Quantum Realm is now an Avenger.

But now, a major source which has actually leaked legit information about the previous MCU movies has said that this battle takes place back in time, when the Avengers first united.

The source said that we might see Thanos beating the crap out of Thor. Since previously Thor was unaware of his strength, Thanos would have the upper hand. And he would be wielding Mjolnir rather than the Stormbreaker.

But here comes the twist. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America was actually able to move the Mjolnir. And this would be the fate of Thanos. Captain America would wield Mjolnir, will defeat Thanos, and at the end will be killed off. This would give a amazing and emotional ending to the journey of our first Avenger in the MCU.

However, this might be a rumor or a spoiler, we never know.

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