What, Exactly, Is Doctor Strange’s Master Plan In Infinity War To Defeat Thanos?

“Out of 14,00,605 possibilities of outcomes, we win in only one of them.” The words of Doctor Strange could be summed up to this.

So, Doctor Strange had seen how The Avengers would be able to defeat Thanos. He has already deeply analyzed and worked out every single step that must be taken in order to make that 1 out of 14 million possibilities come true.

Well, let’s analyze Doctor Strange again. In the earlier moments of the movie, Strange said that if he had to sacrifice Tony and Peter Parker for the Time Stone, he will do it. But, at the end of the movie, he readily hands over the Time Stone to Thanos.

Isn’t that a bit awkward?

So, was handling over the Time Stone to Thanos a part of the Master Plan of Doctor Strange? Was letting Thanos destroy half the humanity all just a part of a strategy that Strange was making.

One of the analysis came from comicbookandbeyond.com. They are saying,

“recall the absolutely gut-wrenching death of Peter Parker, and the impact it would have made on Tony Stark. Such an event would make him resolute to take revenge and stop the Mad Titan as well as any other plans that he had for the universe. This is even more evident when you see that Doctor Strange handed over the Time Stone to Thanos to protect Tony’s life, despite having spent only a few hours with him. It means that in the one victorious future timeline, Tony Stark must be crucial for saving all and beating Thanos.”

So, how could all this be possible? First of all, Time Stone must be used to recall the Avengers from the dead and prevent the stupidity of Star-Lord. Strange is dead, but Wong might still be alive. Wong has been training the Mystic Arts much before than Strange and is a master in that. So, he must have got some idea of how to use the Time Stone.

And all this information might be transferred to Wong just after Strange saw the possibility of 1 in 14 million.

But all these are just a prediction.

Infinity War is killing the theaters near you. Directed by Russo brothers, it stars Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, and many more.

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