Was Zack Snyder Fired from Justice League? [The Truth]

Last year, in May, it was reported that Zack Snyder is no longer a part of the Justice League movie.

Reports said that he has exited the movie to take care of some personal issues. The directorial responsibilities was taken over by Joss Whedon from then.

The family problem that Snyder referred to was his daughter’s suicide. However, it is now in news that Snyder didn’t exist on his own, in fact he was fired.

The reports are coming in from the famous entertainment reporter Josh L. Dickey. Apparently JLD is retiring and he wants to do it in a blasting way.

He revealed that Snyder was actually removed in Late January or early February, and he had three months time to make up his so called exit story.

credits- comicbookmovie

Then why was the matter hidden till now?

Well, the most appropriate answer would be the phase that Snyder was going through. Isn’t it too much for a father to witness his own daughter’s suicide?

Nobody wanted to trouble him much and that’s why everything was kept in dark.

However, we could just hope for Snyder to recover fast and come back to the big screen. We all want him to narrate his version of how the things took place.

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