Warner Bros’ Super Pets To Make A Big-Screen Debut?

According to a new report by Collider, it looks like a whole new sphere of the DC universe could possibly make its way to the screen. Warner Bros. might be coming up with a new film titled as Super Pets which would be an animated movie about the furry friends of the DC characters. Jared Stern, who has previously worked on movies like The LEGO Batman movie and Wreck it Ralph will be directing the film.

We have seen Super Pets before in the DC universe before, as they made their debut way back in 1962. These characters function as an all-animal version of the heroes like Krypto the Super-Dog, Streaky The Super Cat, Bat-Cow, Aquaman’s seahorse, Storm and Flexi, the plastic bird. The Super-Pets have also aired on Cartoon Network as an animated series.

We don’t know much about the storyline or the form of animation the creators would use but with DC putting its characters across television and movies both, this movie definitely wouldn’t feel out of place. DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns even revealed in an interview with Comicbook.com during SDCC 2018 that DC characters are so elastic that it gives the creators so many stories to tell. He even added that, “In the modern-day, anything done on a comic can be accurately adapted into a movie. We have a Shazam! movie followed by a Stargirl TV show. There’s a lot more to come!”

Let us know if you’d like to see a Super Pets film in the comments below.

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