Venom: 5 Things That Happen To A Person After Being Possessed By A Symbiote

Have you recently met substance V-252? Has your clothing, costume, or skin suddenly transformed itself into a black or red hue? Do you find yourself as a victim of mood swings, bouts for adrenaline, or emo haircuts with fits of awkward dancing? If you just said yes for either of these questions, you might be infected by the Symbiote.

The Symbiote is very powerful, exciting, and sometimes even addictive, but it is mostly one very hazardous being. So what exactly does the Symbiote do? How does a person know if they have been infected by this and how do they handle it? Well, we’re here today to take you through the symptoms and effects of the Symbiote and unravel what makes this creature so beautifully dangerous.


When exposed to the Symbiote, one can observe changes in muscle tone, height, and weight. The victim might find himself to be physically fit but in some cases, they might not possess a human form. The Symbiote has the power to take on the shape of whatever it/the host desires.

This even has the capability to camouflage and morph to combine with its environment. No matter the case, sudden changes in physical appearance in quite likely to be visible and addressed carefully.


When physical appearances change, it is followed by an enhancement in physical strength too. The host of the Symbiote will frequently gain abilities that they never had or even exposed themselves to. Such feats of strength can comprise the ability to lift objects many times, break walls and other hard objects.

The host may also tend to observe an increase in performance, gaining new abilities, strength, and tolerance. The creature is a mischievous adrenaline junkie and will provoke the host’s senses to quench its requirement for thrills. Though this is not an inhibiting symptom, the host should still use caution and try to maintain clear judgment.


As the host develops good relations with the Symbiote, an increase in the sensory function is most likely to be observed.

Such adaptations may comprise but are not limited to increased or improved vision, auditory functions, and sense of smell and may more. This factor when blended with the others compels the victim to part with the being.

Some most commonly found variations of these increased senses include Venom and Carnage’s ability to see through their skin, This increase in senses, which is only advantageous initially can often lead to sensory overload and will soon barricade the host from being and using his senses.


The Symbiote feeds on strong emotion especially anger or thrill. The stronger the emotions are, the more the creature has to feed upon.

The host will always have an increase in emotional activity, often manifesting itself as mood-swings or general changes in behavior. This explains why the creature was so close to Peter Parker, the vengeful Eddie Brock, and the perturbed Cletus Cassidy.

If the host is suddenly victimized by fits of anger, depression or other psychotic episodes, this is a crucial signal that the Symbiote has discovered a new food source, and maybe even more difficult to remove. The host may also be extremely adamant to remove parasite, and may even get angry at their friends and companions. Seeking help from the nearest hero or S.H.I.E.L.D operative is mostly advised.


As long as the needs of the Symbiote are satisfied, this creature will keep its victim alive and healthy.  Though this is not a healing factor, the Symbiote will counterbalance and in many aspects, will regenerate awful tissue. Though it cannot completely heal deadly diseases namely Eddie Brock’s cancer, it can slow or halt the effects to keep the host alive.

While it is true that the Symbiote’s version of curing is influential yet, this has not stopped it from craving a more complete version. This marked the beginning of the creature to crave the likes of Wolverine, X2, and even Deadpool. The host should be made alert, though, that while the curing power of the parasite does not function, its effects are only temporary.

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