Top Notch: 6 Best MCU Costumes Of All Time, Officially Ranked

Marvel is at the top of superhero movie game with exactly 20 releases in the last ten years. Superhero movies are no longer taken lightly by people; they have a good storyline filled with all elements like romance, love, suspense and of course, crazy action. Before one adapts a character in a film, it’s really necessary to transit the character in a way which is loved by fans. Yes, we’re talking about costume designs here.
A superhero’s costume plays a major role as we often remember a hero by the costume they wear. So this means, that the filmmakers can’t really go too much over the top with the already established comic designs. MCU has had some really amazing costumes over the years and today we will tell you about the best six costumes by Marvel. (This list included both heroes and villains.)

6. Iron Man MK V (Iron Man 2)

Also known as the Suitcase Suit, this made its first appearance in Iron Man 2. It’s the first Iron Man armour designed by Stark and if you remember the Whiplash scene during the Circuit de Monaco race, you would understand what I’m talking about.
The suitcase transforms itself into into an armour and the colour scheme is well balanced with red and silver. One of the coolest scenes till date, I’d say!

5. Captain America (Winter Soldier)

This was Russo Brothers’ first movie with Marvel and one of my personal favourites. The movie circulates around the socio-political issues and the directors did manage to give it all a more realistic look.
Captain Rogers wears a navy blue suit which he originally wore in the Secret Avengers comics. Even Chris Evans had revealed that this was suit is his favourite among all.

4. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

Taika Waititi is a great director and he proved this once more with Ragnarok. The movie looked really vibrant overall and the good choice of costumes added a cherry to the cake. Most of the costumes were really captivating but there was one that stood out.
Yes, we’re talking about Hela. The suit is Comic accurate, inspired from the character in the 60’s comics. Designer Mayes Rubeo even designed a headpiece for her though what we actually see in the movie was created visually.

3. Thor (Thor: Ragnarok)
As we said above, Ragnarok had a number of captivating costumes in it. Our protagonist, Thor also got a new look after he landed up on Sakaar. Thor was forced to become a gladiator and this look went really well with it.
We see the God Of Thunder in a sleeveless armour with a half cape and single shoulder plate. The costume was inspired by Jack Kirby, as revealed by Waititi last year.

2. Black Panther (Black Panther)

This character hasn’t looked back since making its debut in Civil War and has become a fan-favourite with time. We saw Black Panther in his solo movie, earlier this year and the new costume looked even better than the previous.
The suit was designed by Shuri and had a better design with a lot of upgrades which gave it a jaw-dropping look. It was designed by Ruth E. Carter.

1. Spider-Man (Homecoming)

Spider-Man’s suit from Civil War and Homecoming was loved by all fans as it looked exactly like the comic book version. The suit was designed by Stark Industries and was equipped with cool eye lenses along with a utility belt and Karen.
The suit looked practical and unbelievably good. Though Spidey’s suit in Civil War was created visually, his suit in Homecoming was designed by Louise Frogley.
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