This Fan Theory Explains Why Odin Had A Fake Infinity Gauntlet In His Vault

A new fan theory suggests that Odin gathered all six Infinity stones way before Thanos, and for that, he had to face equally devastating consequences.

If you remember Thor: Ragnarok, we got a glimpse at a fake gauntlet in Odin’s vault which Hela knocks off in disappointment. This led to some fans believing that it might be a possibility that Odin used the powers of Infinity Stones to help him conquer the Nine Realms.

However, Reddit user KRHeff states that Odin’s quest for the stones took place before the Thor franchise began. Earlier, another theory stated that Odin couldn’t attain the Soul Stone because he didn’t want to lose anyone dear to him but this theory states that Odin did succeed in his collection of Infinity Stones, as he did sacrifice Hela to Hel.

Even Ragnarok depicted that Odin banished Hela to Hel but the film didn’t really go too deep into it. While in Infinity War, Thanos had to sacrifice his daughter Gamora to claim the Soul Stone. This proves that losing a daughter could be a surefire way to attain the Stone.

The user further writes that Odin later returned the Soul and Reality Stones to their respective hiding places and then dispersed the rest of them across the Galaxy. Fans even speculate that Odin’s benevolent attitude in the MCU could be because of Soul Stone’s powers just as we saw Thanos’ emotional side after he sacrificed Gamora. Moreover, Hela is said to be Thor’s half-sister so there is a strong possibility that Odin sacrificed his first wife (Hela’s mother) in exchange for the Soul Stone.

Why Odin had a fake gauntlet in his vault seems unclear but KRHeff further states that the original gauntlet used by Odin got damaged (just like Thanos’) so he made a replica of it to sell the lie. Odin’s use of Gauntlet would also explain why Thanos went to a great extent in stopping Eitri to forge further on Nidavellir.

Fans are still expecting to see more of Hela in Avengers 4 or at some point in the next phase of MCU. Time travel is speculated to be a major possibility in Avengers 4 so we hope that this will let us get a better peek at the history of Infinity Stones.

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