THEORY: Why Loki & Hela Look Similar

To understand this better, I’d like to take you back to Thor (2011), where in one of the scenes, Odin wages a war against the Frost Giants on Jotunheim. It was just after this battle that an orphaned Loki was taken away by Odin. Loki thereby changed his traditional blue-skinned Frost Giant look to a white skinned Asgardian.

Now many fans wonder why Loki did that. This theory explains that the answer behind this could be Loki’s ability to read people’s memories, as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok. Here’s what the theory reveals:

“In Ragnarok, we see that when Loki touches someone, he can see memories and such-as when he sees Hela demolish the Valkyries through Scrapper 142’s mind. Now, a lot of people have made the connection that Hela and Loki look extremely similar, despite Hela being Odin’s firstborn and Loki being adopted.
Is there any chance that the infant Loki took his appearance-pale, green eyes, and dark hair-upon seeing the memories of Odin’s firstborn when he was held?”

Okay, yes that does make perfect sense as we have seen Loki using his mind reading powers on Valkyrie, where he saw Hela razing hell onto the Valkyries in the past. And well, it’s a move that makes sense; as at the end of the day, in Norse mythology, Loki is Hela’s father. Loki is also Fenrir’s father–who is known as Fenris in the Marvel Universe.

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