This Connection Between ‘Infinity War’ And ‘Age Of Ultron’ Will Blow Your Mind!

Infinity War is one of the greatest comic book events to happen ever and it comes out as the culmination of the build up from 2008 till 2018. We waited for ten years for this giant clash between the Earth’s mightiest heroes and The mad Titan. The movie was a wonderful thriller for fans worldwide with post credit scene setting the stage for the next phase in the MCU. MCU came up with 19 films altogether and tells the story of Fury who succeeds in his “Avengers” initiative of bringing together the Earth’s mightiest heroes.
The movie had various linkages, threads and references of past movies and some of them were noticed while others went unnoticed. A Reddit fan went on to discover an amazing theory regarding how Thanos arrived on Earth.

Thanos already had the Power Stone when he attacked Thor’s refugee ship, killing Loki and acquiring the Space stone. He then set the Collector’s facility on fire to get the Reality Stone and sacrificed his own daughter to get the soul stone. He went on to trade the Time Stone with Doctor Strange in exchange of Stark’s life.

Finally, after his he created a wormhole and reached Wakanda to acquire the mind stone. But it was destroyed by Scarlett Witch before he could have it. So he just rolled back in time using the time stone, killed Vision and extracted the Time stone. He went on to snap his fingers and fulfill his goal of life.

You must be wondering about the connection with Age of Ultron here. The Infinity Stones have existed in MCU but it was revealed by Thor in Age Of Ultron that the Mind Stone would be the at the centre of it all. He explained Vision in one of the scenes and said, “I’ve had a vision, a whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life at its centre,” while pointing at the Mind Stone.

When Thanos appears from the wormhole, with a whirlpool in the background and the Mind Stone at the centre of the gauntlet. And well, all hope goes away with that. We must appreciate the work of Russos for giving such importance to little details in the movie. Another connection is where Thanos says, “Fine, I’ll do it myself!” in the post credits scene of Age of Ultron. We see Thanos beating the shit out of Hulk in the beginning of Infinity War and Hulk gets so scared that he refuses to come out again. Here we see Bruce Banner borrowing Thanos’ line and using the Hulk buster during the fight with Black Order.

Avengers Infinity War is still playing in the theatres and has become the highest grossing superhero movie in the history with a whopping $2.1 billion worldwide.

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