Then and Now: 26 Amazing Images Of Infinity War Actors Before They Were Famous

Time flies, doesn’t it? Marvel Cinematic Universe is now one the biggest franchise in the world with Infinity War making a mind-boggling $2 billion plus on the box office world wide. It is now almost impossible to imagine a time when MCU did not occupy the top spot in the world of movie franchises, it has given various actors career defining opportunity and some actors like RDJ even found redemption. It is really difficult to picture that these actors were strugglers and ordinary people at one point in their life, this is a list of all the major MCU actors and what they used to look like before they got their big chance.

Elizabeth Olsen

Scarlett Johansson

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benicio Del Toro

Bradley Cooper

Chadwick Boseman

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Pratt

Danai Gurira

Dave Bautista

Gwyneth Paltrow

Idris Elba

Jeremy Renner

Josh Brolin

Karen Gillan

Cobie Smulders

Mark Ruffalo

Paul Bettany

Peter Dinklage

Robert Downey Jr.

Sebastian Stan

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Holland

Winston Duke

Zoe Saldana

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