The Worthy: 6 Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer, We Bet You Didn’t Know

Thor’s hammer is really powerful as it has been carved out of Uru. Mjolner is a weapon that any one would die to bear and well, it’s a saying that whoever lifts the hammer would be worthy of its powers.
The hammer is coated with special enhancement by Odin who has made sure that no else is able to yield the hammer. Well, In fact, there have been a few cases where characters have lifted the Mjolner. Today we will tell you about 6 of those characters in the MCU:

6. Doctor Doom

Doom was once obsessed with the Mjolner so that he could claim all its powers. This started at the time he was trapped in hell and that was the time Ragnarok took place resulting in Thor losing out his hammer.
In one of the issues, Doom was able to step on Earth and ultimately succeeded in lifting the hammer.

5. Superman

During the JLA/Avengers storyline, Superman found himself in a brutal fight against the God Of Thunder, Thor. He went on to lift his hammer as he defeated him.
Superman has lifted it twice to defeat the enemy Krona along with Captain’s shield. Well, he is totally deserving, isn’t he?

4. Storm

In the X-Men: To serve and protect storyline, Thor went to the Queen of Wakanda to deliver strange relic called Stormcaster and in its previous storyline, Loki manipulated Storm to wield the Stormcaster, which was an equivalent to Mjolner.
She even wielded the Mjolner later and used to destroy the Stormcaster, while it was still in Thor’s hands.

3. Black Widow

This happens in a world where Thor has been vanquished permanently and Ragnarok has called upon the universe and it’s the time when the universe is in need of another hero.
It comes out surprising as Black Widow steps in and realises that she can lift Thor’s hammer. Fascinating, isn’t it?

2. Wonder Woman

This happened during the Marvel/DC crossover back in 1996 where Thor fought against Shazam! Thor got separated from his hammer during the battle and guess who found it? Wonder Woman. And well, she managed to pick it up very easily.
Wonder Woman didn’t use the hammer against Storm thinking that it’d be unfair and um, she lost. Sad.

1. Silver Surfer

During the 16th issue of Thanos, Thanos succeeds in wiping out everything in the world and Silver Surfer was among the rare ones that had survived.
He comes out alive because he had spent years becoming “worthy” enough to find himself in the Thanos’ way. He summons the Mjolner in the end and wields the hammer easily.
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