‘The Simpson Movie’ Sequel Is On Its Way!

After spending 18 years on the small screen, America’s most favourite family, The Simpsons finally made it to the big screens for the first time in 2007. Now, after almost eleven years, the characters might once again be back on big screen.

This report came via The Wall Street Journal stating that a Simpsons sequel in underway along with plans on bringing Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy on the big screen. The reason behind this could the end of partnership between 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks as Fox is currently looking forward to produce more premium content before it merges with Disney.

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While we’ve already seen Simpsons once on the big screen, this would mark the debut for Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy. Keeping in mind that Fox will be soon merging with Disney, it seems like Fox is looking to get these films into their production stages sooner, rather than later. Furthermore, next year will mark the thirtieth anniversary of The Simpsons and Twentieth anniversary of Family Guy. Hopefully, the studio will pay a tribute to these classic television series by bringing them into life at theaters.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with the new seasons of these shows when they return to Fox this fall.

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