The New CW’s Batwoman Series Can Put An End Arrow?

With the San Diego Comic Con coming in, CW has already made a few heads turn around with its announcement of developing a solo Batwoman series. CW sounds confident with the project and sees substantial potential in Kate Kane’s character.

By that raises a question: How would this show affect CW’s current superhero lineup? As remarked earlier by CW President Mark Pedowitz, the channel won’t feature more than four DC shows at a time, would this mark an end to a series? Well, maybe this is a sign that Arrow might be coming to an end.

It all began with Arrow in 2012 which went on to be successful and ushered an entire lineup of shows like Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow in the league. Black Lightning is also on it’s way but it’s technically not a part of the Arrowverse but however, Batwoman would be a part of it and this might upset CW’s maximum four shows rule.

If CW holds on to its word, it would mean an end to a series. Right now, Flash is starting its 5th while Legends of Tomorrow is coming back with its 4th season. Arrow would be running its 7th season this year. Considering, the fact that Arrow has lost a bit of viewership recently, many fans would think that this series might be its last. Even the star of the series, Amell has pointed out that he would want this season to be scripted like it’s the last.

Well, this might make way for Batwoman who possesses similar skill sets and tactics to Green Arrow and we might just see one vigilante to replace another. Or if it doesn’t end, Batwoman’s arrival should be the perfect opportunity for the makers to reenergise Arrowverse completely. The cast of Arrowverse can still make appearances on other series keeping the universe alive.

Batwoman would be a surprising move by CW in a lot of ways with the first superhero show with a gay character as its lead and the establishment of a character from the Bat-family on screen for the first time. Well, we hope that CW does what it thinks is the best and Arrow continues to flourish on television for a few more years. For now, all we can do is wait and watch!

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