The 6 Most Powerful Weapons in The History Of DC Universe, Officially Ranked

DC Universe is too dark. They all say. And by darkness they mean too much violence, too much bloodshed and fight scenes which are just so not made for kids. It is full of deadly assassins to god-like heroes. And they are well equipped with just the most dangerous weapons there ever could be.
Some of those weapons were just too outrageous for the characters to play around with. Guns shooting moon-sized bullets to swords which can cut through anything, the comic books are graced with such weapons.

And today at Animated Times we are counting our favorite and most dangerous weapons from the DC Universe.

1. The Sword of Superman

A semi-sentient cosmic blade, The Sword of Superman was created in the aftermath of Big Bang.
The Sword has “S” engraved on the pommel and it is believed to be around even before the birth of Clark. It first fell into the hands of the pre-Crisis Superman.
Pre-Crisis Superman was already a God, and this sword just made him omnipotent and omniscient. And since Superman just couldn’t bear being overpowered, he throws the sword back into the space. Till now, no one has ever wielded it as Superman is the only worthy wielder of the same.


This is the weapon which was used to pierce the side of Christ when he was crucified. This was used by a Roman soldier first and was introduced in the DC Universe by Adolf Hitler. Hitler had this spear powered up to turn any Superhero into a Nazi.
When Hitler lost to Justice Society of America he cursed the spear. He said that whoever wields the spear will corrupt.
Till then it has been used mutliple times showing really drastic results.


Introduced on the big screen in Justice League, we are already aware of the strength of this boxes. They are living computers which could integrate themselves with any sort of machinery, or even organic elements in the universe. Their powers include Boom Tybe generation, telekinesis, telepathy, flight, and advanced energy manipulation.

But these boxes have got an unexplained connection with their owner and nature. When the owner dies, the boxes self destruct. This is a symbol of loyalty. However, Mother Boxes can again manipulate the life force inside their hosts, which keeps them alive forever.


Capable of doing almost anything. The rings are one of the most powerful weapons of the DC universe. The rings are divided by the color. With each color representing a different set of power.
Red Lantern Rings let their users spew plasma. On the other hand, the one with Indigo rings can force empathy and heal. For teleportation to true lovers are the Sapphire rings. For manifesting other’s soul are the Orange Rings. White Rings can cure color blindness whereas the Black ones can reanimate corpse.


Metron, the most intelligent being in the entire DC universe created the Mobius Chair. The chair was capable of moving through time and space. The chair itself is enchanted with New God’s knowledge, which means whoever sits on it will have the complete encyclopaedic knowledge of everything in the universe.

The chair knows the true identity of Joker. It can even control the mother boxes.


The most dangerous weapon in the DC Universe. This ain’t like the conventional swords or guns or plasma rays. This is the amebious concept. This concept proves that free will is non existent. It proves that the life is meaningless. This equation was first completed by Darksied.
This concept granted him with immortality, the capability to resurrect the dead and even have the complete control over the Antimatter universe.
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