Thanks To Death Threats Batman #50 Writer Tom King Gets A Bodyguard At SDCC For Canceling Batman’s Marriage

Writer Tom King started getting death threats after he cancelled the much anticipated marriage of Batman and Catwoman. Due to these threats, King has been appointed with a bodyguard while attending the Comic Con in San Diego.

King also posted a satirical post on his Twitter handle along with his bodyguard. Obviously, King isn’t the first writer to receive threats for a controversial change in storyline. The marriage of Batman had been building up since the last 20 issues and the ending took everyone by surprise where Catwoman got persuaded by Holly to not marry Batman. It all came out as a plot by Bane so that he can break the Bat mentally.

King confirmed that with Batman #50, they’ve only reached the half way stage and there will be more surprising elements till issue #100.

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