10 Supporting Actors Who Saved Superhero Movies!

A few years back, we thought of side actors as those who are just there to fill in the voids. However, over the years we have realized that supporting actors make or break any movie. And that’s what has happened over the years with a lot of movies. So, Animated Times is bringing you the list of 10 best supporting actors in a superhero movie.

10. VANESSA ( Deadpool )

We know that Deadpool was a kickass movie, but what made it better was the superb acting by Deadpool’s better half. She was just as awesome as Wade Wilson and was the perfect partner for Deadpool.

9. KORG ( Thor Ragnarok )

We never thought that Korg could be so funny and loved. But Thor Ragnarok proved it wrong. The movie gave us a lovable and sweet Korg.

8. YONDU UDONTA (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Well, Guardians of Galaxy was a comedy superhero movie and a majority of the credits goes to Yondu Udonta.

7. AGENT PHIL COULSON (The Avengers)

Well, the S.H.I.E.L.D. is there because of Coulson. The Avengers are there because of Coulson.

6. HIT GIRL (Kick Ass)

Chloe Grace Moretz made a mark on Hollywood when she stole the show in Kickass. She was the reason the movie made big on the silver screen.

5. LUIS (Ant Man)

Saved and saved big time. Luis was so influential that the fans started to demand a solo movie for the character. And Why not.


Wonder Woman was one heck of a movie and what made it so was Gal Gadot. But we should never forget the contribution of Steve Trevor. Chris Pine just nailed the role, making Wonder Woman DCEU biggest hit till date.

3. PEGGY CARTER (Captain America)

People started demanding a solo movie for Peggy Carter and that is enough to explain why that character saved The First Avenger.

2. J J JAMESON (Spider Man)

Before Whiplash, JK Simmons was known for his phenomenal role in Tobey Macguire’s Spider-Man trilogy. Well, we all have memories related to that iconic character and we owe it all to J K Simmons.

1. WONDER WOMAN (Batman vs Superman)

You know it all.

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