Supernatural: 8 Mind Blowing Facts About ‘Angels’ Only True Fans Know

The origins and lore attached with angels in the Supernaturals is not something that you expect of the kind and beautiful creatures that we thought they would be. On the show, they
are portrayed to be more agents of the higher power and not really caring for the humans or the Earth itself. Much like demons, they want power and will do anything to get it. But then again, you should not be surprised considering this is what all the Abrahamic religions have imagined them to be. They are agents of God and if you do not follow what He ordained, you are just as much the enemy as Satan is. Plus, Satan himself was an angel at one point in time so it just goes to show that angels are not the incorruptible and selfless creatures we thought they were. In any case, here are some of the craziest facts about the angels that we see every week in the Supernaturals:

1. There are both male and female forms:

Some viewers who are familiar with biblical texts know that there are only male names and pronoun use for angels. However, in the Supernaturals show there are plenty of female forms that are taken by the
angels. There is Anna and Naomi, and we also see the angel Castiel taking on a female body. At some points, we also see angels having romantic affairs, for example when Dean hooked up with Anna, and when Cas has flings with other angels.

2. They do not need food or sleep:

This is something that comes from the popular lore about angels, and slightly form the Twilight trivia. The fact that the angels do not eat at all makes Castiel eating pies with his brother especially cute to watch. We have actually eat Castiel eat hamburgers when Famine Horseman sought to take over his vessel.

3. The Angel of Thursday:

Castiel was put down into the script when writer Eric Kripke searched for the angel of Thursday on Google. Castiel actually means the wrath of God, which is a good epithet for him. Castiel is also part of the Jewish and Islamic mythologies, and has appeared in a number of other movies and shows. He was portrayed by Andre Braugher in City of Angels and was also in the Mortal Instruments series.

4. Mortals can not stand their glare:

This is one power granted to angels – they can blind any human who looks upon them in their true form. This is what happened to Pamela Barnes who tried to ruin Bobby Singer after taking her to the Winchesters. Instead, the psychic was blinded after Castiel gazed upon her in his true form. She was later killed by demons while she was working with the brothers.

5. They can be cast out:

By drawing a specific sign or a sigil in blood, hunters and anyone who knows how to do it can prevent angels from preventing an area within a specific radius. This blood magic is serious, which we can gather from the fact that it can also work on archangels. It has appeared quite a few times on the show now and we have to agree.

6. Angel always have their blades:

Angels and demons are pretty much the same but with some features reversed. So we have seen demon blades appear, and we have also learned that they can kill other demons very easily. As it turns out, angel blades also work the same way and all angels have a blade on them at all times. This fact points to the intense lack of trust that angels have for each other. One extremely
important caveat – Angel blades have no effect on Archangels.

7. All angels thought they were being cast as demons:

This is one cunning technique that Kripke and others used to ensure that their angels were not the boring, kind and selfless beings that we imagine angels to be. Instead, what the casting people at
Supernaturals did was audition all potential angels as demons first, leading them to believe that they would be playing demons. This was also true for Misha Collins. The result? A cast of angels that is almost as fierce and demonic as the actual demons. This made things so much more interesting.

8. Angels are no angels:

This is true for Supernaturals – none of the angels we have met are above being jerks. They scheme and lie through their vessels to get what they want, and that is really the essence of their existence. Their actions have taken the lives of innocent humans a number of times, showing us that these entities care not for the mortals. Quite a few of the angels have also crossed lines into the demon
camp. All this only goes to show that there is a fine line that separated the angels from the demons instead of the biblical wall that we thought they had.
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