Sony Also Includes ‘Nightwatch’ and ‘Jackpot’ In Their Spider-Verse Plans

With a movie on Venom already on its way, Sony is looking forward to explore further into their Spider-Man library of characters. Other projects on characters like Morbius The Living Vampire and Kraven The Hunter are already reportedly underway.

According to a recent report by Variety, the studio is also working on films based on other Marvel characters like Jackpot and Nightwatch, along with Silk. They are still looking for creative writers for the project.

Jackpot was introduced in 2007 by Dan Slott as a 40 year old woman who created a formula to give herself superpowers. She then purchased the identity of a former hero to fight crime. Meanwhile, Nightwatch was created in 1993 as a story of a man named Kevin Trech who witnessed the death of a costumed hero during a battle against terrorists. When he unmasked the hero, he realised that it was an older version of himself. He then wore the hero’s costume which gave him superhuman powers and he came to be known as Nightwatch.

However these films hugely rely on the success of Venom which releases on October 5 this year.

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