Shazam: All Best & Most Important Moments From The New Trailer

The long awaited trailer of Shazam is out finally and well, we all loved it. With a lighter and a rather more comedic tone, this movie looks really different than any other DC movie yet. Shazam debuted around 78 years back but the film is inspired mostly by the DC’s New 52 reboot.
The story is about an orphan named Billy Batson who is granted powers by a magician, using which he can transform into an adult superhero with enormous powers. The trailer was heavy and interesting and today we will tell you it’s best and most interesting moments.

Meet Billy Batson

Asher Angel stars as Billy Batson who’s a troubled orphan and much of his character has been inspired by 2011’s New 52 reboot by DC. If you watch the trailer again, notice the red hoodie wears which is a nod to both, Shazam’s costume and the sweater he wears in the comics.

It’s a real game of thrones around here.

We learn about Freddy Freeman in the movie who’s a comic book buff with a huge collection of superhero memorabilia, which includes a bullet dodged by Superman.
Originally in the comics, Freddy was a boy who got injured during a battle between Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi. He’s then take to the ancient wizard who grants him the powers of Shazam and he got to be known as Captain Marvel Jr.

From Metrapolis to Gotham

Along with Freddy’s collection of a bullet dodged by Superman and a replica of Batrang, there are newspaper which establish Shazam in the same world as Superman and Batman.
There’s also a small nod to Lexcorp and a copy of Gotham free press in the film.

Presence of Fawcett Central

Billy and Freddy are shown attending Fawcett Central, which is a tribute to Fawcett comics who originally started the character with their comics until they were infringed with a lawsuit by DC in 1953.
Since 1985, Billy Batson and others in Shazam were based in Fawcett City, as a tribute to the original publishers.

Next Stop…. not 30th Street Station

Filmed in Toronto, Shazam is based in Philadelphia and in a scene as Billy flees away from bullies, he enters the subway station, you’ll know signs for SEPTA but Billy exits at 30th Street Station which is the city’s primary station, but um, well, it doesn’t work out that way…

Well what happens next…

Billy finds himself entering the Rock of eternity, a cave that serves as the home to Shazam, an ancient wizard and the prison of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Men, who are powerful demons trapped in statues, one of which are even seen in the trailer.
This scene comes directly from DC’s New 52 era and we can’t wait to watch it on big screen soon.

Say My Name….

Shazam is an ancient wizard and is also known as Mamaragan in the comics and has fought evil for centuries. He gives Billy Batson his powers and allows him to transform into Shazam (Or Captain Marvel), just by saying his name. The scene looks great and fresh. Oh and for those wondering what Shazam means, it’s Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury.


This comes at 1:39 seconds in the trailer and left us all amazed. As soon as Batson said Shazam, we see him transforming into Earth’s mightiest mortal. Shazam is an embodiment of childish behaviour combined with a superpowerful adult! Can’t wait for it.

Shazam can fly and floss!

The trailer is anchored by not just newspaper headlines with references to Superman but also has a floss dance which was popularised by Backpack Kid in 2017 during Katy Perry’s performance on Saturday Night Live.

Doctor Sivana, is that you?

He’s a long time foe of Shazam and for years, he was seen as an old mad scientist with a genius level intellect.
However with New 52 by DC, he was seen as a respected scientist who turned to magic in order to save his family and uncovers the tomb of Black Adam. Well, from the trailer it seems that Doctor Sivana isn’t all that human and possesses superhuman strength which might be a result of his own experiment in magic.

Is that Tawky Tawny?

He’s an anthropomorphic tiger who’s often silly but is still loved by all Shazam fans. In his old version, he was an intelligent talking tiger who walked upright but in the New 52 series, he’s seen as a normal tiger at the Philadelphia Zoo and is befriended by Billy Batson.
Shazam’s costume also shows two tiger emblems attached on the cape to the suit. We hope we see Tawky Tawny in the movie! PLEASE.
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