Ryan Reynolds Has a Plan to Get Hugh Jackman in a ‘Deadpool’ Movie

The news that’s doing the rounds about how Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds has been trying to convince Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman to play a part in the next Deadpool movie.
The buzz is that Reynolds has been trying too hard since the first Deadpool movie and to no avail, Jackman has flatly refused. This could have probably ended in Reynolds sporting a mask of Hugh Jackman in the first movie and that’s to it. As per latest reports, the 41-year-old actor doesn’t seem to give up on attaining his wish.
During the San Diego Comic-Con, Buzzfeed got talking to Ryan and that’s where the actor spilled the beans on it. Ryan specifically said that he’s ‘double down’ on convincing Hugh Jackman to play himself.

Fans could feel let down as Hugh Jackman wouldn’t be seen playing his signature role of ‘Wolverine’, and given that Ryan has done an impression in the first movie already. Deadpool 3 could take off soon with rumours doing the rounds of David Leitch directing it. Before we get your hopes high, let’s hope Ryan Reynolds hopes to convince his X-Men buddy into the movie. You never know, the man could appear as your end credits roll out. Surprise Surprise!

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Via: The AV Club.

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