The Red Trunks are Back! [Unveiling April 18]

The red undies are finally ready to make their return.

When Superman first featured, he was trolled, like a lot for his red undies.

And why not? Who wears a underwear above his trousers?

It was actually damn funny. But after a few years, they became iconic.

Superman came to be known as the superhero with the red trunks. We all loved that style statement of the Man Of Steel.

So when the red trunks were controversially removed seven years ago, the viewers were utterly disappointed.

credits- comicbook

But here is the good news, the red trunks are back.

Couldn’t believe me?

Then have a look at the cover of Action Comics #1000.

Jim Lee gives a whole new design to Superman’s entire outfit. With the red undies, the symbolic yellow belt is also set to make a return.

The look seems bold and inspired by Henry Cavill’s look in the Man Of Steel.

So get ready to see our favorite Superman in our favorite outfit on April 18.

The comic will feature numerous other stories as well. Fingers crossed!

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