Marvel Just Destroyed MCU’s Next Big Franchise

This article might carry spoilers for Avengers #4.

The new Avengers comics have bought in new mythology to the Marvel universe. Surprisingly, it has also killed off a group that may soon make their MCU debut. It features new heroes like She Hulk and Ghost Rider and seems to diving in the ancient history. The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC made their debut in last year’s Legacy comics and now play a key role in the modern day story of a new team which is facing the Celestials.

With the Celestials coming in the story, it was only a matter of time for the Eternals to pitch into the scenario. If we talk about the history of the Eternals, it’s really intriguing and was created by Jack Kirby after his New Gods series was cancelled by DC. Kirby returned to Marvel and created another cosmic group and this represents the ancient variation of humanity created by the Celestials back in time.

The new Avengers shows the team taking on the Final Host before they destroy Earth and soon our heroes learn that things aren’t the same for them. They’ve been fighting insects called Horde but those are a group of germs capable of destroying Celestials. The cure to remove these germs are all the superheroes on Earth which are capable of battling the Horde. However, when Eternals knew about this they had to pay the price. It’s still unclear what happens to Eternals as they end up killing themselves when they learn the truth and though this doesn’t make sense unless they were feeling guilty of something.

We can see the Marvel Universe mythology being rewritten and the story will hopefully reveal more of the mythology and it’s been hinted that a dead Celestial who has been buried inside the Earth was years may be connected to the superpowers on Earth. The story seems complex and has been created by Jason Aaron, who also created the history of Asgard.

The shocking part is the return of Eternals who come back in comics only to get killed. The connection they share with Celestials and The Deviants make it the most perfect time for their return in the story. Thanos is a Deviant and Eternals will be an important part of the MCU phase 4 and it might be possible that Marvel has something hidden in their sleeves.

Marvel has spent years in the comics to reflect the MCU and this might be an effort to wipe out the slate and reintroduce a version of Eternal which can be placed properly into the MCU. Well, how this works out, only time will tell!

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