10 Marvel Fan Castings better than the Original!

Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its superb castings. I mean just look at every single actor. Its like they are tailor-made for the role. I mean RDJ is literally Tony Stark. But there were times when fans came up with better castings for the MCU. Here are our top 10 picks.

10. The Mandarin- Donnie Yen!

Ben Kingsley is the greatest of all time. However, he just didn’t fit in the role. It would have been better if they would stick with some true “mandarin” for the role. And in that case, Donnie Yen would have been their perfect choice.

9. The Thing- Ron Perlman

On a level of 10 to 10, how much do you hate the latest Fantastic Four movie.

Well, I guess the answer would be 10. And no offense, but The Thing was terrible.

Now fans suggested a better option. The option of Ron Perlman. The Hellboy, The Beast from Beauty and the Beast would make a spectacular Thing.

8. Hawkeye- Chris Pine

It was lucky for DCEU to find Chris Pine free for the role of Steve Trevor. Marvel made a big mistake of not casting him in MCU. Chris Pine is a superb actor and, with no offense to Renner, would have made a better Hawkeye.

7. Captain Marvel- Katee Sackhoff

Well, you might wonder that what could be better than Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. However, a fan put up something even better.

6. Quicksilver- Ian Somerhalder

Well, Quicksilver is actually a pretty significant character in the Marvel Universe. But the MCU treated him like shit.

However, at least they could have done a better casting.

5. Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost

Though it would have been a level low for our “Gone Girl” but it would have made X-Men: First Class much better.

4. Sam Claflin as Human Torch

Well, as I already discussed above, the casting was just too worst in the latest Fantastic Four movie. Man, Chris Evans was the human torch. At least you could have cast Sam Claflin to keep up to his reputation.

3. Invisible Woman- Carey Mulligan

Same movie, same story!

2. Invisible Woman- Anna Kendrick

Kendrick never got a chance in any Marvel / DC movie and that hurts. She is a superb actor and deserves a chance.


Oh yes. We want Jamie Lannister to join the Marvel Franchise and what could have been better rather than playing Crossbones!

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