DC is a part of Marvel’s Multiverse : ‘Confirms’ Marvel

Its Confirmed! DC is a part of Marvel’s Multiverse.

SPOILERS AHEAD!! For Infinity Countdown Prime #1

There is just no Marvel Comics cosmic event possible without featuring Captain Marvel. Or featuring anyone who isn’t a Marvel character.

Maybe Batman perhaps! Na, Marvel can’t afford him. Anyways

Marvel’s new upcoming event, Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 will be following the company’s tradition. This event will feature the complete history of Infinity Stones and who will possess them.

The Reality Stone will be found and owned by Captain Marvel – aka, Carol Danvers. There is one another Reality Stone which is located by Captain Marvel – aka, Monica Rambeau. And then there is one another one which is discovered by the original Captain Marvel – aka, Mar-Vell.

But is Mar-Vell really the original Captain Marvel? Well, No.

Right there, in the just next panel of Mar-Vell, we see the original Captain Marvel- now called Shazam, possessing an Infinity Stone of his own. See the cape, the way he stands, and the wristband. There is no mistake that he is Billy Batson.

COMICS Marvel ‘Confirms’ DC is Part of Marvel’s Multiverse!
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SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Infinity Countdown Prime #1 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr., on sale now.

It just isn’t a Marvel Comics cosmic event if it doesn’t feature Captain Marvel. Or a few of them – even if one of them isn’t actually a Marvel character.

Marvel’s latest such event hasn’t officially begun yet, but Infinity Countdown Prime #1, the storyline’s prologue one-shot, lays out the background of the much-coveted Infinity Stones, and those who would possess them.

One of them, the Reality Stone, is shown to have been found by Captain Marvel – aka, Carol Danvers. Another Reality Stone is located by Captain Marvel – aka, Monica Rambeau. Yet another is discovered by the original Captain Marvel – aka, Mar-Vell.

But is that really the original Captain Marvel? No – there is another.

Right there, in the panel next to Mar-Vell, is a partial image of another familiar looking Captain Marvel, albeit with some color trickery. That’s right, it appears that the true original Captain Marvel – now called Shazam – has found an Infinity Stone of his own.

The colors have been changed to protect the innocent, but there’s no mistaking that layered bath towel cape, that forearm-long wristband, and that large-cuffed boot. That’s Billy Batson after uttering the magic word “Shazam!”

The spread transitions from the most recent Captain to the very first, and yes, Fawcett Comics’ Cap was the first – even Marvel is saying so. The color alterations are a probable barrier against any potential lawsuits – something that both Marvel and DC Comics have plenty of history with regarding the character’s name.

It’s probably no coincidence either that the blue costume evokes another character from the original Marvel family – Freddy Freeman, the one-time Captain Marvel Jr.

Well, we remember how much speculations and legal shit Captain Marvel went through. In 1951, National Comics (DC now) sued Fawcett, claiming him to copy DC’s own Superman. The controversy was getting hyped with every passing day and it eventually led to the demise of Fawcett. DC later procured their rights to Captain Marvel some 20 years later.

However, as the legal shit stabilized, Marvel came into the picture again. This time, they did something really wonderful. Marvel snagged the name of the character and created a brand new one. This made DC unable to use the character name that they acquired after such a major dispute. That’s 100/100 points to Marvel.

Marvel continued to play games with DC when it killed Mar-Vell in 1982. However, the happiness for DC was short lived, when Marvel gave the title to Monica Rambeau that very same year.

One thing the Reality Stone can’t change, though, is this reality. Captain Marvel will likely forever remain a part of the Marvel family – that is, the Marvel Comics family.

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