JON BERNTHAL Returning To ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

Jon Bernthal’s Shane will be back from the dead and will be making a return to Walking Dead in season 9, as confirmed by EW.

He was reportedly seen hovering around the set after being captured in an post on Instagram in Georgia. This news was first reported by TV line.

The character was originally killed by Rick in season 2 of the zombie drama which is hinting that the character would now be appearing as a flashback or some sort of an illusion or hallucination in this movie. This isn’t the first time this is happening, this has also happened during the third season thanks to a Rick Grimes vision.

Bernthral’a appearance might just coincide with the departure of the original star, Andrew Lincoln who was also his close friend. Lauren Cohan might also return for a few episodes in season 9.

Well, I’m just happy that they will get a nice little reunion before they all leave

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