Jamie Spears Net Worth: How Much Britney Spear’s Father Has Earned From the Infamous Conservatorship

Britney spear’s made it very clear in the court to Judge Brenda Penny that she was completely done with the conservatorship that gave her father, Jamie Spears, full control of her life since 2008. She appealed with the court to regain control of her life and halt the agreement. The agreement that has permitted Jamie Spears to live off of her career and end Britney’s infamous conservatorship. That forced her to do things from like taking lithium to removing her IUD without her will.

Britney also stated that it will not come to her as a surprise that any family member will say something against her ending the conservatorship. It is because they all lived of her money during the conservatorship.

How Much Jamie Actually Took Home What is Jamie’s Net worth?

Jamie and Britney spears

In all Jamie was paid around $5 million since February 2008. The taxes were excluded. Britney paid him monthly, paid for all the office area and also gave a share of her fame.

According to court records examined by Forbes, Spears has been required to pay her father Jamie $16,000 every month since February 2009. One year after he was appointed the conservator in control of her assets. Jamie spears net worth has been $2.4 million over the course of 12 years.

Control Over Britney’s Personal Finances

Jamie control over Britney finances

When the Britney’s infamous conservatorship started in February 2008. “The business was also out of finances and financial alternatives,” as per a 2018 statement by Jamie Spears’ lawyer. The property’s value climbed by $20 million between November 2014 and November 2018. This was according to the document, which partly credits the conservators’ handling of Britney Spears’ funds for the surge.

Britney did not addressed to this statement, but she spoke about how her personal finances were constrained. This all included the fact that she was unable to carry her own credit card, in her court appearance.

Jamie Was A Bully To His Own Daughter during the infamous conservatorship

Jamie bullied Britney.

Britney Spears said that her father’s intentions went beyond only seeking financial gain. She cried for an hour on the phone, and he enjoyed every second of it. the power he exercised over somebody as strong as me. He cherished having the power to harm his own daughter.

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