Injustice: 4 Most Amazing Costumes We Want To See In DCEU (And 4 Terrible Costumes We Don’t)

The Injustice games was a major moment in the DC comic world. With a complex storyline of Superman turning to the dark side, his clashes with the Batman made it a compulsion that they should get a comic companion. And it happened.
The Injustice comic series was like the “Game of Thrones” of the comics world. Killing off major characters, altering Dick Grayson into the Deadman, Harley Quinn being friends with Shazam and Black Canary and many more.

Not only did they do alterations to the characters, but a major alteration was done to the iconic costumes. Some were amazing and some were miserable. Here at Animated Times, we are gonna have a look at some of the most amazing and terrible Injustice costumes.


Angular Shoulder Pads, Darker Cape and A larger symbol were the only best thing about the Regime Superman suit. It gave him a villainous look. However, the pointy thing from his “Hope” symbol to his crotch, the awkward looking red shade all around his waist, spoiled it all. The body too was made disproportionate which is why this costume ends up being our No 1 terrible costume.


This was a refreshing change of pace. A Superman in gold, yellow and black scheme. Superboy-Prime took the ring in pre-Flashpoint as he became one of the Yellow Lantern. An intimidating yellow chest piece with a black body suit base. This look was just a pleasure to the eyes.


The fastest man alive needs an elastic armor which is light weighted and easy to carry around in a finger ring. However, the Injustice Flash had a multi-layered bulky armor. Flash was the quasi-villain and even if they would have adopted it directly from the DC regular comics, it wouldn’t have made any difference.


Killer Croc has just been large and reptilian in the comics. But Injustice did some justice to his abilities too. It gave him a more brutal flat faced design. Horns along the jawline, elongated spine and retracted lips made him look as vicious and dangerous as he actually is.


Catwoman’s costume is emphasised on sensuality. She is the love interest and the foe of the most darkest heart there ever could be, The Batman. She has got the perfect body and just a skin tight costume would do it. However, in the Injustice series, she and Batman were about to break up. So the creators messed up the costume a little bit. They added a bulky brown harness and some gray padding which kind of destroyed the flavor of sexiness that was there in the original costume.


Injustice portrayed Harley Quinn in the best possible manner. She was working independant of Joker and expanded established her own profile. In the first series, her hairs was split in two loose tails, open jacket and thigh high stockings.
In the second one though, her hair was back to natural blonde and she wore a tighter costume with leather jacket and maching combat pants and boots.


Nightwing always had a kind of unisex costume. He is indeed one of the notorious playboys of the comic world. When Damian Wayne took the mantle, he made the suit completely manly. The suit had several layers of bulky armors. It not only looked heavy and restricting but Damian Wayne looked like a vulnerable tank. Nightwing is kind of a deadly assassin in Injustice and that’s what he should look like.


Never ever has Supergirl looked so amazing as she did in the Injustice comics. Shortened blonde hair, with new and gold overlays, wide cap and sleeveless top. Everything was just top notch.
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