Infinity Wars Prime May Have Revealed Marvel’s Next Big Villain And Its……

While fans are still reeling from Thanos’ death in Infinity Wars Prime #1. Thanos had been a mainstay in the Marvel Universe since his arrival in 1973. A few cultures in Marvel have remained free of the Mad Titan’s wrath but his legacy will live on, forever.

The death of Thanos may also have made fans forget about another key aspect of the issue which could change everything about the Marvel Universe. Yes, we’re talking about Loki’s latest quest here. In the first issue, Loki plots a course to God Quarry, a nexus guarded guarded by Coven, a trio of witches who feed on the souls of death gods. He feels like someone is playing a cosmic trick on him and he needs to find out what’s going on.

He will definitely play a major part in the whole story which will release Marvel’s next line of supervillains. The new supervillain may be a totally transformed Thane, son of Thanos. God Quarry was first introduced in Thanos #8. It’s basically where all gods go to die.

Quarry played an important role in the first arc of the Thanos series, in which a group of adventurers plot to kill Thanos. Their story began with the imprisonment of the then-powerless Thane by Coven and Corvus Glaive. Thane, then goes on to gather a team with the aim of killing Thanos. He recruited Nebula, Tryco Slatterus and Starfox but due to a double-cross he found himself in the same room as Phoenix Force. Thane fused himself with Phoenix Force and tore the universe apart, ultimately ripping off Thanos’ powers.

Thanos is left powerless in Titan, his homeland. He’s eventually approached by Nebula and Starfox to help them put down Thane. Thanos accepted their proposal and formed a plan against his own son. He headed towards God Quarry to get his powers back. In order to prove his worth, he submitted himself to God Quarry’s trial. He passed the test and became a God, ultimately defeating his son, Thane. His last move was really cruel where he dropped Thane into God Quarry, leaving his own son to the nexus’ hold.

That’s where Thane stayed since we saw him in 2017. Thanos stated that he passed God Quarry’s trial because he knew who he actually is but Thane would have a tougher time as he doesn’t know who he actually is. Thane was introduced in the Infinity arc when Thanos’ Black Order descended on Earth in search of Thane. He was whisked away by Ebony Maw before Black Order could get him and even in Thanos, we see Thane highly influenced by Ebony before Death came into the scene.

With Infinity Wars Prime, all of this is set to change. The biggest hint could come in the form of Loki who has found a book in Flowa’s library with some pages torn out. One of the pages of the book had Loki’s own face. Embracing to his own self-adoration, he spiralled into curiosity and questioned Flowa about the original content of the text. Having not read it, she hardly knew anything except that it was a tale about familial strife and a war of worlds. Loki interpreted it as a reference to him and his tensed relationships with Asgardian Gods. But, but, but, it’s highly possible that it’s referring to Thane and Thanos.

It isn’t clear yet what role would Thane play in the coming Infinity War but it’s certain that if he manages to free himself off the Quarry, he would get all the power of Gods at his disposal. With no Thanos in his way this time, his return might be a benevolent one. Well, it all depends on what kind of reality has been inflicted on Thane for the past one year inspire the Quarry.

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