Infinity War Final Trailer Breakdown – The Most Epic Moments

Infinity War’s final trailer is out now, and it has made everyone go numb. I mean, seriously, nothing could be better than it.

It has just crossed all the limits of awesomeness and has got our nerves. Well, Animated Times presents to you the most epic moments from the Infinity War trailer.

1. A New Man with a New Plan

Star Lord is our new man with a new plan. Well, the look on Tony’s face says it all.

This is going to be funny. You can’t just say that Iron Man plan sucks.

Not only this Peter Parker’s reaction is just way too hilarious.

2. Is Gamora the Key to defeating Thanos?

The trailer begins with Gamora explaining the power of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

This gives us a hint that she might be knowing a lot about Thanos and could play a crucial part in defeating him.

3. Avengers Reassemble.

And yes, after the clashes of Civil War, the Avengers are reassembling. That too in Wakanda.

This scene would definitely give us chills. Well, just count the number of heroes that Steve is bringing with him

4. Shuri with the Mind Stone

This scene too had a lot to say. With Vision laying drop dead, as it seems like, Shuri takes a look at the mind stone. Well, there has to be some theory to prove Shuri’s interest in the same.

5. It’s Hulk in the Hulkbuster

Well, if Tony Stark is in his casual Iron Man suit, who is wearing the Hulkbuster. Well, its the Hulk himself.

Yes, it’s Bruce Banners who is wearing the Hulkbuster, because he fears that once he turns into Hulk, he might never come back.

6. The Torture Of Doctor Strange

Well, we don’t know what this exactly is, but it looks just so damn painful. I almost cried seeing our Doctor like this.

7. Thor vs Thanos

Well, is Thanos seriously trying to blow the brains out of the God Of Thunder?

8. Oh, Captain My Captain!

Well, this one is indeed the most goosebumps giving moment of all the trailers.

Captain America going one on one with The Mad Titan. No doubt that he is the leader. He is our leader, he is our captain.

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