Infinity War: Directors Finally Reveal How Thanos Knew Tony Stark Beforehand

It seems like Thanos and Tony Stark share a lot in common and this could be the reason why the writers gave the two some intimate lines of dialogues during the battle between Tony Stark aka Iron Man And Thanos on Titan.

Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have recently opened up about the connection between Thanos and Tony Stark in the commentary track of Infinity War’s digital download. During the combat scene between Tony and Thanos on Titan, it’s revealed that even Thanos has been “burdened with knowledge” like Stark. Thanos even paid his respect to Stark for the genius he is.

Joe Russo explained that Tony’s spledid journey as a genius has always focussed a lot on the evolution of his armour. He went on to create the best nano-tech that his mind could possibly deliver but it still failed to even put up a fight against Thanos. Now lets go back in time and look upon Age Of Ultron where Tony developed an armour with the growing necessity to protect the world. This makes him and Thanos similar to each other in their ideas of building a better future although their execution of those ideas is completely different.

Screenwriter Christopher Markus also added that this interesting parallel between Thanos and Tony where they are aware of something from an early stage make them both a futurist.

Moreover, Thanos knew who Stark was as he was the one who saved the day by flying into the portal in 2012’s Avengers. This also added some extra respect for Stark in Thanos’ mind. Now if we come back and look at the events of Infinity War, Stark was the only one that Thanos tried to kill apart from Gamora’s sacrifice and Loki’s murder in the beginning scene.
This might be because he feels that Stark is the only one could go on to defeat him in the future and he sees Stark as a possible threat.

Russo even added that Thanos might be a cruel and violent force but he never spends his energy in murdering people unnecessarily. The only reason behind his attempt to kill Stark could be that he has always felt a kind of existential connection to Stark.

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