Infinity War: 7 Things That Still Make No Sense Even After Rewatching The Movie Multiple Time

Avengers: Infinity War only shattered each expectation of its fans. However, what actually pushed the masses away was not only the immature directing but even the act of re-watching the movie a thousand times which was when mistakes and other errors were closely viewed. This, in turn, made the viewers realize the number of errors the movie was trying hard to conceal all this while but all in vain. Therefore, let us take you through 7 things that still do not make any sense even after re-watching the movie.


Avengers: Infinity War seemed to be running away with its concept as most of it especially the aspect considering the main characters are not very clearly depicted.

Some of the main characters namely Loki and Heimdall, do not play complete roles. This is evident when we do not get to understand how Heimdall was able to sense the arrival of the attack of Thanos. Maybe Heimdall should have used his central power instead of his weird portal mojo?


A lot of fans could not stop pondering over whether Tony would be pushed out by Thanos in Infinity War. However, only to our surprise, quite the contrary was observed which means that Thanos did not kill or push Tony away but rather respected him as a fellow visionary. This came as quite a shock to the masses who were not expecting this obviously.

Quite literally, fans can always argue over why Thanos honoured Tony instead while the honest truth is that this is a James Bond rookie villain mistake.


One of the major drawbacks in Avengers: Infinity War lies in the absence of the MCU TV characters, Hawkeye and Ant-man. Then again, no matter what reason led to their absence from the film, the movie makes no sense any longer.

Ostensibly, both of them are with their families and under house arrest (something we see on-screen in Ant-Man and the Wasp). However, we have been asked to assume that either of the characters observed nothing at all about an alien attack or they just randomly decided to obey their house arrest rules.


The most astonishing MCU cameo in Infinity War was the Red Skull. The last time we witnessed this was when Captain America villain disappeared as he held onto the cosmic cube. He was presumed long gone and then suddenly popped up on an alien planet with directions to the Soul Stone. Fans were obviously not entertained.

The first question that arises is why would the cube decide to send him on a random alien planet?

It’s implied that some intelligence controlled the Cube, but we do not know what it is. And Red Skull mentions helping other Soul Stone seekers, but how many could he have met over the years, since these Stones weren’t going anywhere? The cool cameo vacates us with more questions than answers.


Infinity War is a movie about reunions to some extent. However, we observe many heroes who have been displaced and decluttered who come back together. One of the most touching reunions is that between Bruce and Captain America. However, it does not make any sense.

Captain America is only astonished to encounter Bruce Banner when they meet in person. This seems to make sense when you remember that Hulk has been off-planet for years. However, Banner was actually the one who called Cap up on the special mobile phone. Hence if so, the obvious question is: what is the need to act shocked when you just had a talk with the same person on call?


In Infinity War, we see a kind of tour-de-force with Thanos and his minions. They go from one location to the other supporting and helping to get more Infinity Stones and make Thanos more powerful. It does make sense to keep the story going but we just cannot stay back without asking this basic question: how on earth did Thanos come to know where all the stones were?

Many of the Stones were concealed from people, and some were assumed to have been lost forever, like with the Space Stone. Nonetheless, Thanos may have had GPS directions to all of them. But all this obviously sounds pretty insensible, doesn’t it?


Another crucial aspect of the film that makes it worth every entertainment is Doctor Strange and his fabulous acting. Although he had some good time in Thor, we have not seen him battling ever since his debut film as a result of which we are excited to see what medicines the doctor may be prescribing.

However, Strange fans were rightfully angered at the mere fight Strange got into. Sure, Thanos and his Flunkies are expected to be quite strong but the fact that we saw Strange hopping from dimensional planes to fighting dark gods and vice-versa arises hopes. But when the fate of the entire universe is at stake, all he can muster is portals and chains?

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