Hulk Busters: 8 Powerful Superheroes Who Have Beaten Hulk In A Fight

Over the years, Hulk has proved his strength by hosting 150 tons of weight over his head or smashing an asteroid twice the size of Earth. He is one hell of a destructive force but despite all of this, he isn’t unbeatable. He can be outsmarted or outpowered because of his rage which works against him in some cases. Today we will tell you about 8 heroes who have managed to defeat him in a fight.

Fantastic Four

It might seem unfair to some that four go against one Hulk but practically, that’s the kind of firepower you need to defeat Hulk at times. In Fantastic Four #166, the team is called to develop a cure for Hulk and well, that doesn’t end well. This results in an extremely dirty fight where the Fantastic Four had to use tactics to defeat the Hulk.

Mr. Fantastic uses his stretching ability to wrap him up while Invisible Woman creates a forcefield around his head which kept him from breathing and the Thing knocked him out. Well, a win is a win, isn’t it?


Often known as the First mutant in Marvel, Namor is the Prince of Atlantis and his powers work more effectively if he’s near the water. He can even throw a ship when underwater. Hulk had to fight him on land to defeat him but Hulks makes the mistake of jumping into the sea and moments later, we see Namor bringing out the body of Hulk in his arms.

The blows are so powerful that they can create a Tsunami and can even take out an entire island. Even during a non-serious fight, Namor has knocked out Hulk.

The Thing

They are like two massive forces who don’t hesitate to exchange blows every now and then. We can call them friends or allies but they’ve fought on numerous occasions. It mostly ends in a draw or Hulk winning. However, on this one occasion, The Thing manhandles Hulk after Doctor Doom goads Hulk that The Thing is more powerful.

Hulk sets out to fight and this isn’t the usual green hulk, this is the grey Hulk or Mister Fixit. Both exchange blows, toss each other into cars and buildings. However, this one time Thing managed daze out Hulk.


The God of Thunder has also defeated Hulk in a classic battle. They’ve met each other on several occasions and it has mostly ended in a draw but Thor has had the best of Hulk on a few occasions. In 2001’s Incredible Hulk, he knocks out Hulk by hitting him with a lightning bolt on his head. Obviously, while flying back with Hulk, he gains his consciousness and ends up beating the shit out of Thor. Thor even fought The Thing and Hulk together and told everyone why he is called The God of Thunder. He even blasted a hole in The Thing’s chest with a burst of lightning and launched Hulk into the orbit with a huge burst of light.


This is a question raised by fans since decades, will Superman be able to defeat Hulk. In 1996 edition of Marvel v DC, we see both of them going against each other. In the war of universes, the losing universe would be erased, which acted as an incentive for heroes to not pull their hits.

Superman defeats Hulk with ease though we expected more. Hulk is a powerhouse and he does pack a couple of good punches on Superman but Superman’s final attack knocked him out completely. The punch lands Hulk clashing into a mountain where the mountain collapses on top of him.


There’s nothing more exciting than reading the Planet Hulk storyline. We see Sentry, who got his powers from a serum 100 times more powerful than Captain America’s and the mighty angry Hulk go against each other. Sentry is very powerful, his power even compared to one million exploding suns, when at its best and this battle was one of the most brutal in the history of Marvel comics. Sentry takes Hulk’s punches with ease, like no one has ever taken before. Sentry creates a tornado of energy and we see them fighting inside the tornado all the time and they become so exhausted that they return to their human form and continue the fight. While Banner technically won, Sentry was successful in holding back Hulk.

Silver Surfer

He’s the herald of Galactus who has graced him with his cosmic powers. Silver Surfer has defeated Hulk on more than one occasion and Hulk mostly proves no match for him. Silver Surfer is blessed with high speed, incredible strength and endurance.

One one occasion, Hulk gets enraged and his rage ends up with a fight against Silver Surfer. He asks Silver Surfer to take him to a place where there is no one to bother him but Silver Surfer refuses. Hulk tries to take control of Silver Surfer’s board but is rather teed and beaten by the board on the back and finally gets knocked out by the power Cosmic.


Zeus didn’t really beat Hulk, he rather DESTROYED him. He kills him in a brutal one-sides encounter with bare hands. Hulk storms into Olympus demanding Zeus to heal his Hulk family. It’s always a bold move to demand from Gods and Hulk realised his mistake shortly. Zeus shocks him with his bolt of lightning and Hulk is successful in landing one punch to Zeus; just one until Zeus crushes him with a bunch of punches on the head, smashing his body through rocks. He even pukes blood which shows his human part and at the end, Hulk is chained to a rock where the vultures slowly eat him so that his healing factor keeps him from dying. That’s inhuman by a God.
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