11 Hilarious Deadpool Scenes That Made Us ROFL [Cheeks MARVEL References]

No. 1 is way too hilarious.

With being the antagonist and the protagonist of his own story, Deadpool has always been the coolest of all Marvel superheroes. Not only this, Marvel Cinematic Universe did a fabulous job by casting the hilarious Ryan Reynolds as Wade. Every single dialogue is somehow offensive and that’s what makes Deadpool what he is. And here we present you some hilarious Deadpool Scenes from the movie.

However, there were a lot of Marvel Easter Eggs, mostly focused on the X-Men. Of course except for the opening scene, when Green Lantern was…. well you know..

1. Could Wolverine really grow back his things?

Early on in the movie, we see Deadpool making some hilarious though sensible reference to Wolverine things. Was this the reason for Deadpool vs Wolverine? Well maybe. “And it doesn’t rhyme with Polverine.”

2. X-men Mansion.

The Charles Xavier school for gifted youngsters makes an early appearance in the movie as we see how the mutants are amazed by Deadpool’s antics.

3. Colussus & Negasonic Teenage Warhead

These two mutants made a recurring appearance in the film. Is it just me who thought that made a great couple?

Credits- Mostly movies

4. All the references to the Superhero movies.

In the entire movie, we could see multiple references made to the Superhero movies.


5. Something about the baldness..

As Deadpool quotes about Professor X, “He’s a creepy old bald Heaven’s Gate-looking motherf*cker.”


6. McAvoy vs Patrick Stewart.

In the course of the movie, we see Wade mentioning “McAvoy or Stewart?” That’s just something to keep up with the fourth wall breaking tradition.

7. Stan Lee’s Cameo.

Being a Marvel movie, a Stan Lee’s cameo was something which was necessary. This time it was as a strip club DJ.

8. Deadpool is not happy.

Deadpool is not entirely happy that Hugh Jackman was named the “Sexiest Man Alive,” according to People.

9. The Rest of the X-Men

Deadpool jokes that “the studio couldn’t afford any other X-Men.” Ouch, that hurts.

10. Beast’s Habits.

“Tell Beast to stop sh*tting on my lawn,” that must have hurt right. But he is Deadpool, he doesn’t care.

11. Samuel L. Jackson Punch Line

Clearly, Deadpool got the finest post-credits scene in all of Marvel movies. Deadpool asks the audience why they are still around and there’s no “Sam Jackson” bummer.

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