Happy Father’s Day: 6 Most Terrible Dads in The History Of DC & Marvel Universe

Father’s day just passed by and it would be unfair to all our audience if we don’t post a father’s day special article.

We have got iconic characters as Father figure in the comics. From Batman to Wolverine to Iron Man. However, some were harsh, some were soft. Some were supportive, some were protective.

But we at Animated Times are not going to tell you about the happy dads of the comics. We are going to bring to you the worst ever father figure in the comics. Here’s our best picks for the most horrible dads in the comics.


Wolverine is the best in his business. But is the worst when it comes to parenting. Wolverine married Itsu when he was in Japan. We could see that in Wolverine 2. And she eventually gives birth to Wolverine’s son about which Logan is completely unaware of.
The son was named Daken.

When Logan found out, he tried to free himself for the villain, Romulus, who was responsible for brainwashing Wolverine. Logan was on a run and his feelings for his son eventually dried out. They both have encountered many times in Marvel’s Dark Reign but were always on the opposite sides.


Stan Lee has always been a master in alliterating his story line. In the traditional comics, we get to know that Bruce Banner’s experiment fails is what made him the Hulk. But Stan Lee later revealed that it was his father, Brian Banner’s harsh and abusive behavior which pushed Bruce towards negativity.
Brian had a terrible life. He was a nuclear scientist and an alcoholic. His addiction caused an explosion in his lab which cost him his job. This deteriorated his mental state. When he had Bruce, he got jealous that Bruce will definitely outsmart him in the future. Then began his vicious behavior again his wife, Rebecca and Bruce. Accidently, Brian killed Rebecca and beat up Bruce during her funeral.


Like father like son. Bruce Banner too had an anger problem which came out whenever someone pushed just a little bit too hard.

In the Planet Hulk, Hulk banishes and fathers a child from an alien named Ciera. When Hulk left the planet, his son Skaar emerged from his cocoon.
Hulk could never be the perfect father even if he wanted too. He would turn into Bruce Banner whenever he wanted to motivate and then into Hulk, whenever he wanted to show his anger and furiousness.


Even if you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you would agree that Odin is not the father one would wish to have. Not only he banishes Thor to Earth, but he imprisoned Hela in Hel. In the comics, Hela is actually Loki’s daugther though.
Odin had bastard children all over the Asgard whom he chose to ignore instead of sharing his health and affection with.


We have all read or seen the origin story of Cable. Cable aka Nathan Summers, is the child of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor (Jean’s clone). Cable was totally ignored by his father in the childhood and forcibly sent to the future to have experiments done on him.
When Scott found out that Jean is still alive, he abandoned Madelyne and Cable and joined X-Factor.

Cyclops makes matter worse when he get in a battle against Captain America in “Avengers vs X-Men.” As the story progresse, Cyclops inherits the power of Phoenix and goes crazy. He had no idea what is going on with his son, or his son’s family.


Probably the worst father in the history of comic book is Batman. He has dragged his kids into hell. Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon paid severe consequences for those actions too. Both were tortured and killed by the hands of the Joker. But what comes around and goes around. Batman’s son Damian Wayne is just as arrogant as his father.

Batman has this never ending fight with himself that he is not capable of being a good father.

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