Green Lantern Movie Starring Hal Jordan & John Stewart To Be Produced And Written By ‘God of DC Comics’ Geoff Johns’ Himself!

Breaking news for all the DC entertainment fans. Geoff Johns has stepped down as The President and the CCO (Chief Creative Officer of the DC Entertainment). He will now be focusing on film, comics and television writing. Following this, new and exciting details have started to emerge about Green Lantern Corps. It is now confirmed that WB feature will focus on both Hal Jordon and our favorite, John Stewart.

This is just a massive leap forward for the DCEU as it is now kind of confirmed that the Justice League will recruit two big names. DCEU has got a bunch of movies lined up but Green Lantern Corps is now going to be its major priority.

Johns is now the head of Mad Ghost Productions. And his official site, yes, official site has listed Green Lantern Corps as one of the major upcoming movies.
The synopsis read,

“Once of DC Comics’ greatest Super Hero universes, the film will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart…” And that is how we got the confirmation that we are finally getting John Stewart.

We are also getting announcements from the DCEU about Geoff involvement with the banner.

“Under this new deal, one of Johns’ first projects will be Warner Bros. Pictures’ Green Lantern Corps. Based on his New York Times bestselling series, the project has seen an impressive nine-year run, spawning additional spin-off titles and a hell lot of comic book events.”

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