Fan Theories On How Infinity War Ends!

It’s now just 15 days left and we can’t wait anymore. Already a lot of fan theories are out on the Internet on who will die in Infinity War. But how will it all end? Well, we have a list of theories on how Avengers: Infinity War might end.

1. Beating Thanos is a way to reset the MCU.

A lot of Marvel stars are rumored to leave MCU after Infinity War. So, is Infinity War now a mean to reset the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, I guess it is. There is no doubt in the fact that Avengers will be able to beat Thanos. Yes. Infinity Stones and Gauntlet have immeasurable powers. But somehow, the Avengers will overpower them all.

2. Scarlet Witch joins Thanos.

This may sound absurb but it could just be true. With her loved Vision now under the control of Thanos, Scarlet witch might sacrifice herself for him.

3. Tony Stark is the Soul Stone!

Howard Stark said “Tony is my greatest creation.” Howard Stark was a great scientific guy and was way beyond his time. So, his Tony Stark actually his stone. And is that why, he has been given so much importance in Infinity War.


Well, this could just be so true. She actually shattered Mjolnir into pieces. So, is Thanos doing all this just to get a good look at Hela? Might be?


How can anyone just grab Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Unless his name is Steve Rogers. The final scene of the second trailer gave us goosebumps as we saw something unexpected. However, we got a glimpse of Captain America’s strength in Age of Ultron, when he almost picked up Mjolnir.


Another fan theory suggests that everyone dies in Infinity War Part 1. Well, this is the most ridiculous of all. However, what if it was true?

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