Did Robin Just Declared ‘F**K BATMAN’ In Titans’ First Trailer?!

The first trailer of DC Universe Titans streaming show recently premiered at the San Diego Comic Con and damn, it’s not for kids AT ALL.

Creators Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Akiva Goldsman have focused the storyline on Dick Grayson who has had a falling out with Batman crossing paths with Rachel Roth, who’s a young girl possessed by “darkness”. Together Grayson and Rachel meet Koriand’r, Gar Logan, Dawk Granger and Hank Hall. These characters are seen very briefly in the trailer.

The show seems to be inspired by Marv Wolfman’s New Teen Titans in which Raven’s issues with her father Trigon inspires her to seek the help of other Titans. It’s not yet clear if Robin would be breaking Batman’s rule of not killing the enemies but there’s a strong possibility that this version of Dick Grayson would be more darker than the comics counterpart.

The show would be streaming on DC’s new online streaming network this coming fall.

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